Episode 23 – “In The Name of Doctor Who”

“We travelled through Hell to get to Heaven” is as good a way to say markwho42’s WHOniverse loved “The Name of The Doctor” by Steven Moffat as any. It was an excellent wrap up to a very turbulent season of Doctor Who in both quality and substance.

Mark Baumgarten and his cohosts Trish Helm, Christian Basel, and Eduardo M Freyre (who will tell you how he REALLY feels) go through this final episode of Series 7 with a fine toothed comb and then realize they have six months of no new Who to discuss. They’ll be fine… and so will you with new episodes weekly on GeekCast Radio Network, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Florida Geek Scene, Facebook, Twitter, and markwho42.com.

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Originally a native New Yorker but transplanted to South Florida and living here for more than 4/5 of my life, I am a Geek and proud. I sang opera professionally as a child, and then spent more years than I care to remember collecting comic books and Doctor Who memorabilia. Now I sell Doctor Who books online at Amazon and at conventions in Florida. I decided to use my vocal abilities recently as the co-host of markwho42's WHOniverse, a podcast about all things Doctor Who!

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