Episode 29 – Watchmen Take Florida Supercon Part 2

Welcome to the second episode of Markwho42’s Florida Supercon Coverage.

We get the show running this week with our Resurgance of Doctor Who panel: From PBS Obscurity to the Mainstream. Hosts Mark Baumgarten, Eduardo M Freyre and Trish Helm are joined by Dan Harris (of the SciFi Sea Cruise) and Juan Sanmiguel as they talk and interact with a live audience.

Last week we had Dave Gibbons (co-creator of Watchmen and Doctor Who comic artist) on as part of our panel. This week we have a one on one with him conducted by Eduardo. Ed goes more in depth this time in this smashing interview.

Finally, last week in the UK, the BBC held Doctor Who at the Proms, a concert featuring orchestrated versions of various music featured on Doctor Who. Murray Gold, the composer of most of the music heard on our favorite show, composed a special song called “Song for Fifty” in honor of the 50th Anniversary which premiered at the concert. We end the show with a taste of this beautiful song.

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Originally a native New Yorker but transplanted to South Florida and living here for more than 4/5 of my life, I am a Geek and proud. I sang opera professionally as a child, and then spent more years than I care to remember collecting comic books and Doctor Who memorabilia. Now I sell Doctor Who books online at Amazon and at conventions in Florida. I decided to use my vocal abilities recently as the co-host of markwho42's WHOniverse, a podcast about all things Doctor Who!

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