Episode 57 – Virtual Offworlders

What first comes to mind when you think of a virtual world? The Ganzoids have their own opinions and spend this episode discussing all the things “virtual world” could mean tomorrow, as well as all the things it already means today! So, pull on your haptic feedback earphones and enjoy the show!

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Geekly Weekly Round Up –

Super Dungeon Explore

Diane’s Sticker for her show idea

Spark Core Wi-FI

Pink Gorilla

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Show Notes –

WoW Zombie Plague

Second Life



Ready Player One

Sword Art Online

Infinite Reality

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We’re three guys who have just never been quite right. Like any well balanced party, we each have our own areas of expertise, and hope to share those with each other and with the listener. Everything from robotics to science fiction, from anime to programming, from conventions to gaming, we try to be a part of it. Part education, part entertainment, and part recruitment drive, The Nerdstravaganza Podcast is all about embracing geekiness in all of its shapes and sizes. “

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