Episode 73 – The Quest for Adventure



You enter the mouth of the cave just behind the adventurers, choosing your steps carefully so as to create as little noise as possible. A short distance away, lit by torches blazing along the wall, you spot a single goblin, noisily banging on what looks like a treasure chest. As the pungent aroma of dead leaves and moldy stone assaults your nose, you survey your surroundings carefully. Against the book wall of the cave, there is a pristine closet of mass storage, looking as though it had just been installed. A small box sits in front of this closet, giving off a soft hum, visions from another world dancing across its shimmering surface. On a nearby table, there rests a small stack of several comical scrolls, sealed with wax. The slight delay in looking about has caused you to fall behind your two armed and armored companions.

Geekly the Weakly Goblin

As they step forward to confront the goblin, you are left with a decision to make:
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