Episode 75 – Future DIStopias



We’re well familiar with fictional accounts of our future wherein we accomplish the amazing technological feat of creating artificial life, only to abuse our creations to such an extent that we force them to rebel. Tom and Brian employ their imperfect organic minds to estimate the probability of such a turn of events, resisting the urge to turn to Google or Siri for answers.

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Geekly Weekly Round Up –

Job: A Comedy of Justice
Anasi Boys
Indie Craft Bazaar
Mass Effect 3
Otomedius Excellent
Luigi Dark Moon
A Fire in the Sun

Show Notes –
Star Wars – Clones and Robots
I, Robot
The Matrix
Battlestar Galactica
Mass Effect (Synthetic Life Example)
Cursing Watson
Blade Runner
Rules of Robotics
Futurist Ray Kurzweil

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