MarkWHO42 – Episode 194 – Designing Sounds for a Big Finish w/ James Gallaghan

MarkWHO42 talks with Big Finish Productions' composer James Callaghan!

MarkWHO42 talks with Big Finish Productions’ composer James Callaghan!

The MarkWHO42 Team with the help of Space Coast Comic Con‘s Jake Estrada take on the latest news in the WHOniverse including the return of old companions, The Mystic Cosmic Patrol, Sylvester McCoy as the poetic Doctor and speaking of Doctors, a very intense discussion of a candid interview of Christopher Eccleston with SKY NEWS talking about the industry and the and the lack of diversity in said industry.

Then, the team interviews Big Finish Sound Designer James Gallaghan. James talks about growing up WHOvian, his passion and getting the gig on Big Finish. This will be James’s first time in the states as we join him at Time Lord Expo in Dayton, Ohio in October.

So listen in and join us at Space Coast Comic Con next weekend at the Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa, FL.

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CONVENTION in October: Time Lord Expo in Dayton, Ohio

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Or Download the episode here!

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