Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 114:

This week on NWGLS we almost have our own Civil War when #TeamCharles calls out #TeamNathan about Batman V Superman VS Captain America: Civil War. It’s a sloberknocker, till #TeamCharles admits he likes Batman and Superman too. Then everyone hugs and makes up over a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 Red Grape Wine.
We have our good friend Josh (or Murph) come on the show and talk about all our nerdy obsessions.
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Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes
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Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes is a weekly podcast of a group of guys who love to give their opinions on all things nerd related. From movies to comics to books, and anything else Pop Culture, with a lack of class and loud opinions. NWGLS is A Podcast for Nerds! Join us!

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