Guyver 2: Dark Hero

Guyver 2: Dark Hero
David Hayter, Kathy Christopherson, Bruno Giannotta, Christopher Michael
New Line Cinema

Sean Barker is mentally tortured by his transformation into the Guyver and does not know what to do with his power. He tries to use it to fight crime, but the Guyver constantly forces him to kill, leaving him emotionally and spiritually exhausted. It even causes him to break up with his girlfriend, Mizky. After seeing news reports of an archeological dig in the mountains of Utah, that remind him of his visions, he goes to join the dig, where he encounters Cori, the beautiful daughter of the head archeologist. However, Sean finds himself once against battling the Zoanoids, who are from Kronos, who is actually funding the dig. It is later revealed that what they are trying to unearth is an alien ship from the civilization that created the Guyvers and the Zoanoids. Fearful of the weapons that Kronos could get their hands on, Sean and Cori, along with an undercover military commander named Atkins, and Cori’s father who is also a Zoanoid, attempt to blow up the ship. But the situation becomes worse when it is revealed that one of the Kronos Zoanoids has taken and merged with one of the Guyver units they found in the ship. Sean is forced to fight the Guyver-Zoanoid, which has an advantage over Sean, until Sean manages to damage its control medal and then blows it apart with his Mega Smasher. Fearful of anyone getting their hands on the additional Guyver’s that might be inside the ship, Sean uses his Guyver’s control medal to send a mental command to the ship to leave Earth. Commander Atkins tries to recruit Sean into helping the government launch an underground war against Kronos, but Sean initially refuses, wanting to live a simple life alone with Cori. However, the realization that the Guyver’s are simply super-powered weapons created by an alien race weighs heavily on Sean’s mind.



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