(It Came) Without Warning



This movie is for any fans of Predator, if it wasn’t for Without Warning, we’d have no Predator series. Without Warning is the movie which inspired the first Predator movie and the plots are virtually identical, and I’ll include a little bit of interesting trivial movie information before I sign off. Kevin Peter Hall, the actor who plays the alien in this movie is the same actor who played the Predator in 1987s Predator which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.


(It Came) Without Warning
Jack Palance, Martin Landau, David Caruso

 The movie is about a giant alien who likes to stalk humans. One of his weapons is a bevy of flying blood sucking star fish. After stalking a bunch of daft co-eds (led by David Caruso). A haggard and sun baked hunter (Jack Palance) decides to have some fun and hunt the ultimate prey! What will happen when the Alien tangles with a middle aged dude who doesn’t care about anyone or anything? You have to watch WITHOUT WARNING.



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