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Lupin the 3rd and Lum cosplay!!!

Portrait of an Otaku... This really should have been a separate thing...and rated R..

Otaku No Video

Otaku No Video tells the story of Ken Kubo, a tennis playing college student bored with the drunken party scene. He runs into his old friend Tanaka in an elevator and is invited to a place where everyday is a school festival.

The two are greeted by a man passed out on the floor upon reaching their destination and Kubo is introduced to his new best buds who all teach them the way of the Otaku. Not long after Kubo begins his physical and mental transformation resulting in the loss of his potential girlfriend Yoshiko. This seems to be one of the driving forces in his newly realised dream of becoming an “Otaking”


***Spoilers Ahead***

Episode 2 depicts the journey of Kubo and Tanaka as they begin working on a model manufacturing business that seems to border on the lines of piracy, however they decide instead of going bootleg to create their own mail order business starting in their house, thus Grand Prix and the Garage Kit boom are born!
This later spawns into multiple brick and mortar locations, talk show interviews and a possible theme park deal in the course of a year. Though despite the achievements, Kubo feels he is still not worthy to claim his coveted title and begins work on a chinese factory to cut labor costs. While in china though it seems there is a plot to overthrow him as president and upon his return this is achieved and by no other than Yoshiko’s husband who he gives the title of new president.  Not long after Tanaka is also overthrown and the two begin work on a new business venture

Starting from scratch they get a hold of an old employee to help in the creation of Misty May, a new anime with cute mascots and magic wands. They start with an 8mm camera and begin production in their house, thus Giant X and the Garage Anime boom are born! ( I feel like we’ve done this before…)

Giant X buys out Grand Prix, Yoshiko leaves her husband,  The theme park is finally open and Kubo along with his buddies fly into the sunset in a Gundam – that transforms into a rocket – that flies into space and they live happily ever after…

Placing the whole battle for corporate power aside, Otaku no Video fairly describes the life of your average Otaku with the exception of OPs consisting entirely of the fire burning and interruptions to interview random strangers regarding their fandom. The latter of the two really confuses the story in my opinion.. it was like: wasn’t we just watching an anime? Who is this old dude smoking at a desk? Why isn’t he talking? Why is this happening? (However I did think the part with the one guy trying to hide his cosplay days like they were a dead hooker during a raid was pretty funny)

Though, the really amazing thing about this OVA is despite it’s release in 1999 it can still be applied today. It shows that even with all of the changes in society including our own, it actually hasn’t changed at all.

This is not just the story of Kubo and Tanaka, it’s our story and it’s timeless. I remember meeting these people years ago and am still meeting these people today. You can’t tell me you don’t know that guy obsessed with C.O.D or the the one girl always fawning over all her Bishies. Cosplaying is bigger than ever, we still have Larpers, Action figure and Vinyl statues still hold a very strong standing in the marketplace and that one drunk dude will always be there to ask us WTF…Wtf indeed Mr. Drunk Guy because when Tanaka claims at the beginning that in 10 years we shall rule the industry – It’s exactly what happened in real life.


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