Acassan AK-100 Corn Flour Milk Drink

7.7 Overall Score
Consistency: 9/10
Taste: 9/10
Value: 5/10

Awesome taste, I can always drink plenty of this beverage.

Higher priced than most drinks in the soft drink aisle.


While shopping for a few groceries the other night I came across this drink in the soda aisle. It sounded interesting enough, the first thing I thought about is that it would be like the Haitian version of Mexican Horchata, but it’s not, although it is just as awesome of a refreshing drink.

At first taste I thought I was drinking condensed milk and water, doesn’t sound so great, but as soon as I got the full flavor and effect of the AK-100 it was deliciously amazing! Ak-100 sounds like the name of a weapon in a video game, and this drink really packs a punch of sweet corn flavor with a hint of cinnamon and citrus.

Amongst the ingredients are anise, brown sugar, sweet corn flower, evaporated milk, lime, salt and vanilla. All of these come together to bring you a wallop of mixed Caribbean savor that will overload your taste buds with some awesome piquancy.

I picked up a four pack, which came out to around six dollars after tax, at around $1.50 per can, but well worth it. If you pick up a pack, just don’t drink them all at once, trust me, you’ll want too, but you’re gonna want to save some for later. Seriously.




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