Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom

6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 6/10

It's Adventure Time!

Subpar Link to the Past.

I usually don’t know what I’m going to play and since it’s January not much is really coming out so I decided to go to the redbox which is how I ended up playing this and not knowing what to write. But I need to write something because I like to pretend I’m a professional even though I’ve already missed the deadline that I set for myself.

The game was okay, but right off the bat I had a sense that I’ve played it before. The game starts off on a rainy night when Finn is awoken from hearing a voice, it’s Jake saying he’s lost and is communicating telepathically. So now Finn must make his way to the castle through a secret passage hidden under a bush and you start feeling something very familiar about this game. After fighting your way up from the basement you meet Pillowmint Butler who explains your quest. You’re in the nameless kingdom and it’s up to you to save the three princesses so one of them can rule. The princesses are Lullaby Princess, Slumber Princess and Nightmare Princess so obviously the kingdom is going to have some kind of sleep theme, but then why is the butler candy? Does Princess Bubblegum just hand out mint butlers to any up and coming kingdoms?

After that you’re set loose on the world, grass blade in hand and Jake in your pocket (he was in there the whole time) who you can use as a shield, as you cut down bushes in order to buy a boomerang and you realize you’re playing A Link to the Past. And after you realize that then this game just doesn’t hold up.

You can move in 8 directions but only only face in 4, so sometimes while walking it’s hard to quickly change direction if something starts attacking you and you can’t just hold down the button for a spin attack (which I tried a few times out of habit).

The graphics are okay, the map is cartoonish but Finn is pixaly. I know that was done on purpose but that doesn’t change the fact that it looked a bit weird to me. Having voice overs was nice but Finn repeated the same things over and over when ever you found something and you couldn’t turn that off unless you just turned off all sound.

I can only recommend this game if you’ve never played A Link to the Past and are a die hard Adventure Time fan, other then that you can skip it.



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