Among The Dead #1

5 Overall Score
Art: 5/10
Dialogue: 5/10
Story: 5/10

Lot's of zombies.

A little generic.

Among The Dead #1
Israel Gual. Creator, Writer, and Director
Geoff Mosse. Pencil, and Cover
Gerald Gemal. Greyscales, Ink, and Letterer

Austin Payne, retired State Officer of WoodGate. Austin heads out to the Naval Shipyard where he hopes to find his wife and daughter. While trying to locate his missing family, he finds himself in desperate situations. The world we knew is gone, now the world is ruled by evil. We are fighting for survival!

Among The Dead is a zombie story a lot like every other zombie story ever written. There’s a hero, separated from his family and constantly worried about them. There’s a helpless innocent, in need of protection. And there’s a lot of zombies, drooling and droning with just one thing on their minds. Sadly however, at least in the first issue, there isn’t much else.

Our hero wakes up from a nightmare, only to remember his reality is far worse. In a disappointing lack of creativity, he also appears to be ex-law enforcement. This lack of creativity continues throughout the rest of the book, with cardboard characters and a razor thin story. The characters react to what’s next in the plot, and that’s pretty much it. No depth, no caring, very little interest.

And it’s poorly drawn to boot. There’s flat backgrounds, everything’s a bit out of shape, and the anatomy is just terrible in places. And the sound “effects” just distract from everything. It’s a weird choice that I just can’t get behind.

Being a critic isn’t always fun, and this is the hardest part of the job – I can’t really say anything nice about Among The Dead… but I’m still happy it’s out there. It’s a bit of a mess and I can’t actually suggest you buy it to read it, but I admire that these folks made a comic and released it to the world. They may have a lot of room for improvement, but I do wish them all the best and hope to see more from them. And if you value that too, then maybe you should buy it just to support them.





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