Anal Trump ‘That Makes Me Smart’

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Anal Trump
That Makes Me Smart

So here we are, two weeks into the post-election madness. Everybody, on both sides, is screaming. Talking heads yell out of every screen.  Social media is a never ending angry stream. I figure this is a good a time as any to drown some of it out with loud grindcore/powerviolence. Enter the very aptly named band, Anal Trump. Be warned though this musical group is not for the faint of heart, those easily offended, or those poor folks with no sense of humor.

Anal Trump wears their intention right on their (record) sleeve. First of all, their name is a double reference. Not only is it a blatant attack on our new president-elect, it’s also a call back to Anal Cunt, one of grindcore’s pioneer’s along with Spazz, Infest, and Siege. And like most bands in this genre, the experience extends beyond just the music. This genre defines itself with its humor, attitude, and visual aesthetic as much as it does sonically. And in that respect, Anal Trump succeeds. Although the average listener would not be quick to call these songs, to a seasoned fan of hardcore/punk, Anal Trump is definitely “music to their ears”. With the longest track, “There’s My African American” falling at just 13 seconds, the album is a jolt to the senses. You aren’t done laughing at one song title (many pulled from actual Donald Trump quotes) when another equally funny burst of notes and screaming starts. Some highlight titles that made me laugh out loud include “Changing Diapers is Gay”, “Journalism is Gay”, and “Ted Nugent is Cool”. Song titles like that, although offensive to some, really do point out the absurdity and ignorance behind the real statements and people. It’s political attack disguised as the lowest common denominator, and in its own way is kind of genius.

The artwork is disgusting, and that’s a compliment. Not only is hand drawn, vulgar, and raw, it’s also a total artistic homage to Anal Cunts infamous logo. Trust me there is intent and artistry here.

Now, this is a band, and a review would not be complete without talking about how it sounds. That Makes Me Smart sounds good. With music so short and chaotic, it’s actually a sign of talent how clean the recording is. It’s not overblown, nor does it sounds like it was recorded into a boombox (something very common in this genre of music). There are also elements of other kinds of extreme music. I can hear bits of death metal, speed metal, and even some thrash. It’s also packed full of energy and just sounds earnest as fuck. But it’s also obviosuly D.I.Y., so it’s punk cred is undeniable.

If I have one complaint it is that for me at least, it’s missing the usual tons of movie and audio samples that became a staple of the genre. Although there are a few Donald Trumps audio clips spread throughout, I could have used some slight more creativie examples. I also would have loved a slow, sludge song.  But those are minor issues.

So if you are feeling election fatigue, get off Twitter, shut off the news, and forget your Facebook feed. Get this album now, put on some headphones, or better yet some loud speakers, and hit play. This is the very definition of music for the moment and it something that begs to be listened to right now.

Check out Anal Trump’s That Makes Me Funny on their Bandcamp below.



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