9 Overall Score
Fights: 9/10
Heroines: 10/10
Characters: 9/10

Unique story, characters, and fighting techniques

Season 1 ends at a cliffhanger


Spoilers: watch Satellizer kick serious ass!


Freezing is an innovative science fiction anime centering on an army of genetically engineered female fighters and their male Limiters. As the world faces eradication by the hand of extraterrestrials, called Nova, female soldiers must embrace new methods to prevent invasion. By inserting alien “stigma” into the backs of all the young women, the girls’ combat skills become unprecedented and unusual… like hiding volt weapons inside their bodies.

Fierce, unstoppable, and catty, Pandoras frequently train (and take great pleasure) by bashing in their teammates’ skulls. Satellizer el Bridget, the haphephobic heroine of Freezing, is deemed the Untouchable Queen. Satellizer arrives at West Genetics with a grave past and a short fuse, rumored to have crushed her previous team at East Genetics. Satellizer is usually ranked as the top fighter in her class, and only protagonist Kazuya Aoi manages to befriend her.


Because seriously, she’s terrifying

This anime is loaded with “fan service” – you will see boobs, panty shots, shower scenes, and more. I am a Freezing fanboy for Satellizer’s unstoppable aggression and the tense combat; these women are fierce and batshit scary, but the world’s salvation lies in their hands. Radical, aggressive, and beautifully animated, Freezing is a sure bet for any avid otaku. I highly recommend it!

Freezing is based on the Japanese-Korean manga series by Dall-Young Lim. There are twelve episodes, and hopefully they’ll create another season.


Do watch Freezing; it’s a short series but a great one!

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