Aspen Presents the Adventures of Psycho Bonkers #1 (Halloween Special)

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Interactivity | All Ages

Halloween Comic Fest 2015 Aspen Presents The Adventures of Psycho Bonkers #1

Vince Hernandez, Adam Archer, Josh Reed

Aspen Comics


Psycho Bonkers first hit shelves in May 2015 and delivered a fun-for-all-ages tale about a young girl, Shine, and her quest to find out the truth about the death of her family whilst competing in the Mecca of all racing, the Super Bonk Rally. Written by Vince Hernandez (Charismagic) and illustrated by Adam Archer (Marvel Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy), Psycho Bonkers was a hit. Presented to readers now is another story set in the Psycho Bonkers universe and features the same cast, except this time there is a whole new level of interactiveness.

The Adventures of Psycho Bonkers starts off with readers meeting Shine and her intelligent racing machine, Shiza. The wonderful thing about this issue is that it is completely black and white and encourages readers to color the comic themselves! You can customize Shiza any way imaginable and create your own colorful story along the way. Also, there are puzzles that tie into the story and need to be solved in order to move forward. For instance, readers will need to solve a word search in order to fix a racer malfunction and have to solve a riddle puzzle in order to gain positions during the race. The entire issue spans the race and is filled with puzzles for readers to complete.

Although this comic might seem “kid-oriented”, it offers a fantastic way to bolster interactivity and engagement with the story through the various puzzles. Also, the fact that readers can color the comic any way they want offers readers a new plane to connect with the comic and its story. The level of “user-input” in this comic makes it a masterpiece and allows readers to create their very own art. Adventures of Psycho Bonkers is wonderful for all ages!




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