Atomic Robo: The Ring of Fire #1

9.6 Overall Score
Art: 10/10
Dialogue: 9/10
Story: 10/10

Lovable characters | Action | Stealth

Parallel storyline is dull

Atomic Robo: The Ring of Fire #1

Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, Anthony Clark, Jeff Powell

IDW Publishing


Atomic Robo is back in action in the new comic storyline dubbed “The Ring of Fire”. Atomic Robo, a self-aware robot who has been time hopping since 2007, when the series debuted. The franchise is split into several sub-series centered around Atomic Robo’s adventures in various time periods. In the Ring of Fire, Robo has gone missing and the Action Scientists have to find him without getting caught by ULTRA, a military entity that pretty much controls everything.

The first issue is a solid one, filled with a cast of delightfully interesting characters and with plenty of stealth and action to boot. The Action Scientists believe that Atomic Robo has become trapped in the past, and have to figure out how to get him back. The coloring is done very well, with beautiful night scenes that capture all the action without losing the sacred darkness of night time. The writing is superb, with funny drunken rants and great story flow. There’s no choppiness or incoherence whatsoever is this incredibly strong first issue.

The flaws of this issue are minimal, whilst reading the Action Scientists’ storyline about formulating a plan to get Robo, there is a switchback back and forth between the scientists to the government agency hunting down Robo and any known associates. The military storyline is a bit dull and provokes little interest. The absence of Atomic Robo’s presence hits fans of the series deep in the soul, devotees will find themselves missing Robo’s humor and wise cracks, which makes the mission to find him all that more urgent! Atomic Robo is a widely loved character and has had many wild adventures, veteran fans or new readers will love this series!

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