Attack on Titan (Episode 1)

9 Overall Score
Story : 8/10
Animation : 10/10
Sadness: 10/10

It will give you many feels

Eren will most likey grow up to beat his wife


Attack on Titan (Episode 1)

Welcome to Zhiganshina- little kids can legally get wasted in the morning here, but it’s mostly known for it’s giant wall protecting humanity from giant monsters called Titans who happen to be hell bent on consuming humanity like a stoner on a Taco Bell 5 dollar box. It’s also the home of our protagonist Eren, the son of a famous doctor who dreams of one day joining Survey Corp so he can be with the other members of the totally uncool ‘I wanna go outside the wall club’.


The story starts on what seems to be an ordinary day, Eren and his BFF Misaka are collecting firewood discussing whether or not Eren has mental issues due to his crying. Personally I think it was less his crying and more beating that dude in the street with a stick that was a pretty clear indicator….They take a break so Eren can yell at the guards twice his age about how to do their job. The leader (whose name I didn’t get so I now call him Blondie) epically rationalizes their shenanigans by informing him how it’s their job to be as drunk as possible to help the people of the village feel safe. This man has immediately earned my respect and admiration.


*****Heads up -Spoilers ahead*****

As the story progresses we learn all kinds of fun facts like Eren’s dad’s name being Jaeger and how he’s hiding stuff in the basement(at this point I’m guessing it’s the alcohol all the guard guys are drinking). Then a giant skinless Titan breaks down the wall leading an invasion on the town. As Eren runs to his house chanting about how nothing has happened to his house, we find that the law of attraction doesn’t exist in this world either. He finds his mom stuck under debris of the house


Blondies back and executes a moving inner-monologue involving slaying a Titan to repay the kindness of Erens father by protecting his family – all the way up until he actually sees a Titan. Then this happens:



Drunken stipulations to the side, this anime is not only beautifully animated(despite the content it’s presenting) but amazingly directed. You can feel the peoples distress and panic as they scramble to jump on evacuation boats already too full of people and fight over whether or not to close a gate leading to the ultimate doom of the countless people screaming for the lives on the other side, not to mention the dread and helplessness most likely felt by all when it was found to be all for nothing and the barrier is destroyed.Even my snarky sarcastic commentary seemed to fall short at the scene where Eren watches his mom get eaten alive…

Part two of episode one ends with Eren and Co. joining Survey Corp so they can live their dream of killing all Titans (except for Misaka who is really just there to baby-sit) leaving us with questions like:

Will Eren and Mikasa hook up?
What was in Jaegers basement?
Will Eren kill all Titans? (PFFT ok not that)

Guess we gotta watch to find out….



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  1. Ibrahim February 1, 2018 at 8:57 am - Reply

    Well, I find this anime legendary, the story, the animation,… All are perfect, I guess there is no similar anime ?! or Maybe I have to watch more anime ?

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