Attack on Titan – (Episode 2)

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Mikasa punches Eren in the face.

Not enough Jager Bombs

Before I start this party I think I need to set some things straight- In my previous post I referred to the hipsters that go outside as survey corp, this is possibly a mistake and they are known as scouting legion.I’m not sure myself which is the more popular name so I now will be referring to them as the Power Rangers…

Also very fun fact- apparently Jaeger was Eren’s dad ‘s last name, which means it’s Erens name too! In honor of this great discovery I shall refer to any and all of Erens future skitzo blowouts as a Jaeger Bomb.

***Let the spoilers begin!****


So after our series of unfortunate events, the government just kind of sits around trying to figure out what the hell is going on, one things for sure though, those titans can’t get into wall Maria. What’s that Mr. Messenger who rushes in 30 seconds later? They broke through wall Maria? Bummer… Back on the boat, Eron takes a break to reflect on his day,and decides to kill all Titans (Heres hoping it’s easier than gathering firewood..)

They meet Armin on the boat and well..have I mentioned Armin yet? Wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t. At this point I’m surprised I even remembered his name, this kid has so little actual function in these episodes. So far I can’t see what he’s doing there other than to give examples of how kick-ass Mikasa is and give everyone bread.

Speaking of…can we talk about Mikasa for minute?

 This girl is hard core ok? Halfway through the first episode I’m like this is one bad-ass little kid. She gets all the firewood,bullys twice her size run in fear and she’s got like that deadly silence vibe. She’s like a spartan. No surprise at all when I get spoilers like she grows up to be the best Power Ranger. I’m like pffft like she had to grow up for that ,she could have joined them straight off the boat…I can go on but I won’t, unfortunately this is not the Mikasa show

Later Eren has some skitzo dreams of his dad doing stuff to his arm in a forest, but wakes up in time for lunch. Armin gets some bread which gains evil looks from the guards. Apparently there seems to be a food shortage and they had some helpful ideas on how to fix that. This doesn’t go over well with our favorite little psycho. I welcome this Jaerger Bomb though, do to the fact if I ever heard someone suggesting the death of thousands of people so they could eat more I’d kick the crap out of them too…

Unfortunately it seems to be a popular opinion and a bunch of refugees are sent back out to find food. Like 3 percent come back….

Before this however we are treated to an awesome scene where Mikasa punches Eren straight in the face like a boss after he Jaeger Bombs all over Armin for not agreeing with his beliefs. After he’s finally able to recover she spews some dumbledore-esc widomy fun facts which in short translates to stop your bitching and eat then shoves a loaf of bread down his throat.

Have a mentioned how much I love Mikasa? I love Mikasa….

Then they all suddenly grow up, get cool jackets and listen to a lovely encouraging speech by some old dude who thinks they’re just as cool as I do. Power Ranger school has begun people!!

Hang tight for future episodes! I hear some girl does some crazy stuff with a potato soon.

~Cupcakes out bias~


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