Attack on Titan – (Episode 3)

9 Overall Score
Jaeger Bombs: 1/10
Potatos: 10/10
Guy in a harness: 10/10

We get to meet our comrades- Friendship is magic bias!!

No Jaeger Bombs

We begin our magical journey with another one of grandpa’s pep talks, he gives nearly everyone standing there one in much the same fashion I do with my 4 year old niece (No you sure as hell CAN’T be Dora the explorer for Megacon -pick a normal person and stop shaming out family!!!)


This is an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better and be friends. Honorable mention to Jean who’s main goal in life is do the least amount possible and isn’t shy about talking about it, as well as  Marco who may have quite possibly stumbled upon the training ground by accident on his way to apply for the harem…
Also was that dudes name Samuel L Jackson? S*** just got real bias..
The only part I didn’t really understand here was grandpa’s problem with Sasha. I mean he asked her what she was doing with the potato…and then she told him what shes doing with the potato (quite clearly in my opinion) and he still didn’t seem to get it…so what, he like, punishes people for his own shortcomings? OR was it because he really wanted the bigger piece of that potato…? Something to think about.


Later that evening Eren and his new buddy’s watch the first batch of drop outs start their new journey on the Oregon Trail to the frontier- it’s apparently where drop outs go and we find that our favorite skitzo is just as judgmental as ever as he explains how uncool it is to be weak also that he totally saw some Titans, this earns him more cool points from his peers and they gather around to ask him all kinds of questions which triggers a flash back, He recovers and goes off into his favorite subject – killing all titans.


He’s interrupted by Jean who voices an opinion different than him and we all know how that usually ends…only it doesn’t. Instead of kicking the crap out of Jean as usual, he gives him a high 5… Perhaps Mikasa put him through therapy? Perhaps Mikasa WAS the therapy? You can take that sentence in both ways if it floats your boat, I’m a bit at all loss here, I mean where are all the Jaeger Bombs people? And wheres Samual L Jackson?


So later it’s time for everyone to start learning how to use their weapons.. and by weapons I mean bungee cords. No they don’t swirl around and kill people like Suboshi’s ruiseisui, you just gotta not fall on your face. This task seems to be a bit of a challenge for Eren and he is publicly disgraced by pretty much everyone
After attempting to ask his comrades for help the majority just give him the brush off. He eventually finds another member of the I saw a titan club and they help him because apparently he’s yet again the center of everyone’s attention the next day.


Sure enough everyone is gathered to watch the train wreck as if it was a VH1 reality tv show (did anyone hear someone in the audience gush about what a hot mess Eren was? no? that was just me then…)Everyone is gathered around to see if he’s got what it takes.


Eren’s able to balance for a glorious few moments before yet again falling on his face. This gives grandpa an idea and asks the guy next to him to switch belts. Turns out the only reason he wasn’t able to do it in the first place was because he had faulty equipment and the fact that Eren is able to balance on even a faulty belt makes him the most baddass of all!!
I’m not sure why but this reminded me of an episode of the Power Puff girls, you remember the one where Bubbles got all butt hurt cuz no one thought she was hardcore, so she had to defeat Mojo Jojo all by herself to finally gain the respect of her peers and superiors? It was like that but with less battle and more guy trying to balance on a harness…


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