Azure Striker Gunvolt

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Gameplay: 8/10
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There's a lot of talking over the levels.

Azure Striker Gunvolt
Developer: Inti Creates
Publisher: Inti Creates
Console: 3DS (reviewed) PC
Release: Aug 29th 2014

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Azure Striker Gunvolt was originally released on the Nintendo eShop in 2014 with a Steam port released in 2015. In 2016 (the year this review is being written} it had a physical release on the 3DS in a double pack with it’s sequel. The physical copy is the one I played on but we’re only focusing on the first game just in case I need more material later.

Azure Striker Gunvolt follows Gunvolt, a young blue protagonist with special powers as he attempts to take down the Sumeragi group. Gunvolt is an adept and has septimal powers related to lightning which roughly translates to he’s a mutant with super powers. The Sumeragi group are using the abilities of another adept to control the world through pop music. Gunvolt, or GV as he likes to be called, starts out working with a resistance group called QUILL but abandons them after the first stage to go freelance when he didn’t want to kill the adept that Sumeragi was using because it’s a young girl named Joule. Quitting QUILL really isn’t anything major because GV still gets all his jobs from QUILL and they still support him while he’s in the field.

GV’s super power manifests itself in the ability to create an electric field around himself called a “Flashfield”. GV uses a “gun” which tags his enemies and helps him “volt” them with his flashfield. The tags act as targets for the flashfield to hit like lightning rods doing more damage then just the tags or flashfield by itself can do. GV can also use his flashfield to slow his fall while in the air. The flashfield uses an energy bar that runs down while it’s active and recharges while not in use. If the bar reaches 0% GV overheats and it takes longer to recharge his energy. GV also has special attacks that he gets through leveling up.

Between stages you go to GV’s apartment where he now lives with Joule. At your apartment you can talk to Joule to increase her affection towards you, select your stage, change your equipment, craft items and save. Talking to Joule helps because when you die there’s a chance that Joule will sing for you and bring you back at full health and unlimited power.

This game has a crafting system. At the end of each stage you’re given the chance to pick from random boxes which can either have crafting materials or money. You can also find boxes throughout the stage which can drop an item that increases the number of boxes you can pick from at the end of the stage. Every two stages GV gets a new gun that can shoot in different patterns and can change the number of tags GV can have out at a time.

Inti creates were formed by ex-Capcom employers and have worked on Megaman games in the past which is why this game is very Megaman-esque right down to the blue protagonist that shoots. All in all the game is a good enough Megaman substitute.



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