Batman: Arkham Knight

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Story: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10


stealth tanking

Developer: Rocksteady
Publisher: Warner Brothers Interactive
Console: Playstation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One, Steam (soonish, maybe)
Release: June 23rd 2015

I’m going to try and not spoil anything, but there will be a spoiler for Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. If you don’t want either of those spoiled, go play them and come back. I promise this review will be here when you get back, unless I majorly piss someone off. Also, I played the PS4 version

Recap and spoilers: Joker gets sent to Arkham Asylum on purpose to take it over and trap Batman, along the way Batman discovers that Joker was secretly funding the production of a more powerful version of venom called titan. Batman beats up Jokers henchman and Joker injects himself with a massive dose of titan for the anticlimactic final boss. The asylum gets closed down and they wall off part of the city for the villains and that becomes Arkham City. Bruce Wayne gets thrown in there illegally and decides to Batman around for awhile until he gets to the bottom of it. During his Batmaning a sick and dying Joker infects Batman with his tainted blood in an attempt to get him to find a cure for the both of them. Batman gets the cure, but the Joker being the Joker breaks the vial and dies. So Arkham Knight starts and the first thing you do is cremate The Joker.

Time passes and it’s Halloween and Scarecrow decides that he’s going to just gas the entire city so the police get out as many people as they can which leaves the city to the criminals and looters so Batman doesn’t have to worry about who he beats up. Helping out Scarecrow is the Arkham Knight, a new villain that assembles an army with the sole purpose of killing Batman. Along your adventure you’ll run into other staple villains such as Two-Face, Penguin and The Riddler and also some lesser villains like Firefly and Man-bat.

Scarecrows plan involves turning the ACE chemicals building into a giant fear gas bomb. After fighting his way to Scarecrow Batman tries to stop the explosion using a neutralizer. After grabbing the last canister Batman turns around to The Joker pointing a gun at him. I’ll be honest, that scared me. It’s already tense trying to neutralize the fear gas because you can’t move really fast with the canisters then when you think you’re just about done BAM Joker.

Turns out Joker is just a fear gas hallucination and he sticks with you the whole game which gives the game this weird buddy cop vibe. Being that The Joker is just in Batman’s head he can act as insight that the player might otherwise miss, often while exploring the city Joker will pop up and just start talking but that usually means something is around there for a mission like a dead body or a burning bat signal.

Because this is Batman, not only does he have to deal with Scarecrow but a number of other things pop up through out the city. Someone’s been leaving dead bodies laying around, someone’s been setting fire to fire stations, a group of fire fighters have gone missing and The Riddler left his junky trophies just everywhere.

The big new addition to the franchise is the batmobile which is cool at first but you will soon get sick of. How is driving three laps around an obstacle course a riddle? Because they added the batmobile they took away quick travel. The batmobile can also go into combat mode to shoot unmanned tank drones and later on bigger tank drones that you have to sneak around and shoot from behind. They somehow found a way to add stealth into a tank battle.

I preordered from Gamestop because I’ve been reading Red Hood and the Outlaws lately so I wanted that Red Hood pack. Along with the Red Hood pack came a Harley Quinn pack and some downloadable skins. The packs aren’t all that great and they’re really short so if you didn’t preorder you aren’t missing much. However one of the downloadable skins was Adam West Batman, unfortunately it doesn’t come with an Adam West vocal track. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up watching Batman the Animated Series and most of the time I read Batman comics it’s Kevin Conroy’s voice that I hear I just think it would be amazing to play the game a second time but this time it’s Adam West’s voice.

All in all, if you like Batman and the Arkham games and have a current gen console then get it. If you have a pc then your version is currently broken so hopefully it will be fixed soon. If you don’t have a current gen system, this game isn’t worth getting one for.




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