Battle Bin #7 Infection

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Zombicide w/ Helicopter Dice Tray & Exclusive Playmat | Acrylic Tokens | Card of the Dead

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Subscription Box Battle Bin

Theme “Game Night in a Box.”

Price $30 1 month | $87 3 months | $ 162 6 months | $300 12 months

Shipping $5.95 (US)

IMG_20151221_110411Battle Bin is a monthly (mostly table top & card) gaming subscription box that always includes at least 3 playable games while sticking to a specific theme. This month’s theme is “Infection” so let’s see what undead goodies are included!

Battle Bin arrived in a large box with a surprising weight to it. The box also features the Battle Bin logo and colors around the entire box.

Box #6 “Deception” featured Salem, Guilds of Cadwallon, Agent Hunter, Where Art Thou Romeo?, a Battle Bin Exclusive Dice Tray, a Bonus Battle Bin Wristband & Bonus Heart Tokens.



Zombicide is a cooperative boardgame with miniatures for 1 to 6 players, age 14 and up. Choose your revengeful survivor of a zombie apocalypse! Find weapons, shoot zombies, gain experience and customize your heroes: the more zombies you kill, the more they come. Complete the mission objectives to win the game!

Everything you need to get started with the popular game Zombicide!


IMG_20160402_180046Zombicide Helicopter Dice Tray

From The Broken Token is a wooden snap-together helicopter that will hold and separate your dice for Zombicide!







IMG_20160402_175858Zombicide Playmat

Exclusive to BattleBin is this awesome Zombicide playmat!





IMG_20160402_180002Acrylic Tokens

Exclusive to BattleBin is this set of acrylic tokens that can be used for Zombicide!





IMG_20160402_180344Card of the Dead

In the survival action card game Card of the Dead, players are trapped in a town full of zombies; engulfed in the scourge of terror, they must try to survive the zombie horde. Some will frantically seek to flee the city, others will seek to barricade themselves in buildings against the terrible siege. By not getting surrounded, and through the use of both luck and brains(!), you will be able to survive the night.

Did you think there was only one game this month? Nope! It’s Card of the Dead from AEG!


IMG_20160402_175747Battle Mag

Battle Bin’s mini-magazine covers this month’s theme of Infection and the games included in the box.


IMG_20160402_180306Braaaiiiiinnnsss… I mean gaaaaaammmmeesss… As usual BattleBin kills it this month with two awesome zombie-themed games that stick to the theme perfectly and some neat extras like the playmat, tokens & dice tray!

If you’re looking for a fun way to try new games, check out Battle Bin.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Battle Bin Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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