Battle Bin October 2015

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Drinking Quest RPG w/ dice & pint glass | Dwarf & viking bags | Iron & Ale Dwarven drinking game | Drinking Dice | Dwarven fantasy coins | Game Dictator card game to decide who goes first | Battle Bin Magazine & bonus wristbands

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Subscription Box Battle Bin

Theme “1 Box, 3 Games, Every Month.”

Price $30 1 month | $87 3 months | $ 162 6 months | $300 12 months

Shipping $5.95 (US)

IMG_20151019_115040Battle Bin is a monthly (mostly table top & card) gaming subscription box that always includes at least 3 playable games while sticking to a specific theme. This month’s theme is “Battle and Brews” so expect drinking and dwarves!

Battle Bin arrived in a large box with a surprising weight to it. The box also features the Battle Bin logo and colors around the entire box.


IMG_20151019_120343Drinking Quest Starter Kit (

A pen & paper RPG that’s based around drinking? You bet!

The usual RPG elements like saving throws, dice & character sheets are there but the twist is you have to chug your drink when your character dies.

As a awesome bonus, Battle Bin has included the official Drinking Quest pint glass!




IMG_20151019_115421Iron & Ale (Table Forged)

This Dwarven-themed drinking card game comes in a high quality box and includes 3 sets of cards and a dice.

The fun of “Iron & Ale” is that while you’re playing as a Dwarf character, you’re benefited by your real life skills in the actions you have to take.



IMG_20151019_120311Drinking Dice

Set of 5 drinking game-specific dice that can be used to play the 3 different games detailed in the Battle Bin magazine.

  • Russian Dice (2 players, 1-10 minutes, 2 dice)
  • I Drink Alone (1 player, 1 minute, 1 dice)
  • King’s Die (Unlimited players, 15-20 minutes, 1 dice)



IMG_20151019_120121Dwarven Fantasy Coin Pack

Extremly high quality replicas of what Dwarven coins would be like. They look and feel like real coins and have a surprising amount of weight and detail to them.


IMG_20151019_115743Game Dictator (Naturalist Games)

A fun way to decide who is going to be in charge of a game instead of just rolling a dice. Pick a card to find out if you’re a normal citizen or… THE GAME DICTATOR!

“Dictate or obey!”

Use the code BATTLEBIN15 before November 30th to save 50% on any of the Naturalist Games.


IMG_20151019_115551Battle Mag

The second issue of Battle Mag. It’s a high quality glossy zine made by Battle Bin that goes over the included games and tells you how to play the Drinking Dice games.


IMG_20151019_115718Battle Bin Wristbands

2 bonus wristbands with the Battle Bin logo and motto!





IMG_20151019_121033The Drinking Quest RPG with custom high quality pint glass & two large loot bags, the Iron & Ale Dwarven drinking game, Drinking Dice, Dwarven coins, Game Dictator card game, Battle Bin Magazine & bonus wristbands! Battle Bin managed to stick to it’s “Battles and Brews” theme while still having a nice variety of included games and bonuses. To top it off, it’s only $30 + shipping for everything included so it’s a pretty awesome value.

If you’re looking for a fun way to try new games, check out Battle Bin.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Battle Bin Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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