BiT Evolution

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it's not finished

Developer: Major Games
Publisher: Major Games
Console: Steam
Release: June 9th 2015

You know what I haven’t really covered? Games developed in Florida and considering the name of this site is Florida Geek Scene I should probably take care of that. While at the Gods and Monsters opening Major games had a table showing off their first game. My first taste of this game was a boss fight where you need to run away, after a few attempts I jumped to high and got stuck in a wall. With that I declared I won and walked away. When I got home I bought the game and started playing it.

You play as BiT, a pong ball that breaks free from his game and decides to see what else is out there. Each world has a different story, ranging from a treasure hunting to the entire destruction of of 2 universes. There are four worlds each styled after a different retro console: Atari, Gameboy, Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Each world is split into two parts, the rendered world and the realm of code. BiT has the ability to enter the realm of code by dying and returning through a portal brings him back to the rendered world. For each world BiT has a different look getting more complex has he goes, first he starts off as an orange, then Kirby, then Finn from Adventure Time and finally Finn from Adventure Time in power armor.

Sticking to it’s roots as a side scrolling platformer each stage has 20 pixels to collect, 10 in the rendered world and 10 in the realm of code. In the NES world you gain 2 power-ups, an armadillo suit that gives you a rolling attack and wings that let you float. In the SNES world they ditch the power-ups and just make both a part of your power armor. I used an xbox 360 controller and the controls are simple, the stick moves you, 1 button jumps and another rolls you up when you can.

The game still has some bugs that need to be worked out, in a few earlier levels when going into the realm of code I would get stuck in a wall, luckily up until the NES stage there was always something that could fly through the wall and kill me. After beating NES world I was brought back to stage select and never got a chance to see the cut scene before the next world, when going be to rebeat the boss of NES I was unable to finish because getting to the end of the boss stage did nothing and she just killed me. As of time of writing, there is either no final boss or you need to collect all the pixels in order to fight it. I am unable to collect all the pixels because in NES world I’m missing 1 and no matter how many times I go through that level I can’t find it.

The game is a good nostalgia trip, but in the state that it’s in it’s hard to recommend. I get that this is their first game but I feel it was taken off of early access just a bit to early. I see potential, but it still needs a bit of polish. I do wish Major Games all the best and I look forward to their next game.



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