Black Cloud #1

8.5 Overall Score
Art: 9/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 9/10

Unique concept for a comic.

Confusing as it is gorgeous.

Black Cloud #1
(W) Ivan Brandon, Jason Latour
(A) Greg Hinkle, Matt Wilson
Image Comics

Zelda was born in a world of dreams, and hers burned bigger than anyone had ever seen. Now she’s on the run in our world, the dreams broken in her hands. But the pieces are for sale, the rich and the powerful are buying, and suddenly her world isn’t the only place Zelda’s running from. From the creators that brought you Spider-Gwen, SOUTHERN BASTARDS, and DRIFTER, and the incredible colorist of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, comes a place where dreams come true–and today, they go to war.

Black Cloud #1 starts off pontificating the merits of stories and folklore and quickly moves into a pusher hooking new customers as a means to a next meal. It’s a little all over the place, at first, but it ties together neatly at the end, and leaves you wanting more of the beautiful setting and its own fascinating story.

There may be a lot of story details missing from issue #1, but rarely have I seen such an interesting set up. We get little of who the characters are or what motivates them, but there’s stage-setting galore, and it’s all wonderful stuff. It may feel a little shaky being in the dark for so much of your first read-through, but pondering the mysteries at the end is a huge payoff. It’s rare that a book leaves me this excited about what could happen next.

And every page is a site to behold. The artstyle is an uneven ride through discertation and reality and dreamworld, with, oddly, reality being my favorite look. It’s a vivid world, strong on details and bright in color, and even the lack of those things in the dreamworlds serve a meaningful purpose. It’s well done, and purposeful, and the lanky, expressive style really grabs a hold of you.

Black Cloud could really be one to watch, especially if you’re looking for a new concept unlike ten other books in your pull list. There’s potential here for the reader to visit a hundred different worlds, and there’s promise here that each one could be an amazing trip, full of eye candy and an interesting story. I can’t see why any one wouldn’t enjoy this, and I hope it does well.




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