Bocandy August 2015

10 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Variety: 10/10

British fruit gummies | Italian sour watermelon | American tropical guava | Bulgarian peanut butter wafer | Turkish herb sticks | Japanese pop rocks | Assorted hard candies

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Subscription Box Bocandy

Theme “A Candy Subscription Box From Around the World

Price 4 months $56 | 6 months $78 | 8 months $96

Shipping FREE (US)

IMG_20150820_151032Bocandy selects different candies (and some savory snacks) from around the world and ships them to your home monthly.

The shipping box is slightly larger than a VHS tape shipper and features the large Bocandy sticker on the underside.

July’s Bocandy included candies from Japan & Mexico and chips from Hawaii.


IMG_20150820_151435Cadbury Fruit Gums

Gummy fruit candies from Britain. Thicker and tastier than a Lifesaver.



Sweet Italian hard candies with a sour watermelon filling.


IMG_20150820_151624Choward’s Guava

These tropical guava candies are surprisingly from the USA. They are reminiscent of Pez but wider and flatter.



Exclusive to Bocandy is the return of Bulgaria’s Bopoben but in a new peanut butter flavor. Light peanut taste in between layers of wafers and covered in chocolate. Delicious.


IMG_20150820_151339ETI Crax

This month’s savory item is a tasty herb-flavored stick from Turkey.


IMG_20150820_151417Meisan Soda Candy

Nope. Nope. Nope. I’ll never be a fan of sour plum anything. From Japan, these are the equivalent of Pop Rocks but with a very sour and salty taste.

IMG_20150820_151610Assorted Hard Candies

A sampling of miscellaneous hard candies from Indonesia (Milkita), Holland (Anise) and Mexican Peanut Butter Damys.



IMG_20150820_151311British fruit gummies, Italian sour watermelon, American tropical guava, Bulgarian peanut butter wafer, Turkish herb sticks, Japanese pop rocks & Assorted hard candies for roughly $14 shipped? Yup! Bocandy has really stepped up their game lately with the selection, quality and detailed product description sheet.

If you love candies and snacks from around the world, you should check out Bocandy.

Use the code SUMMER for 52% off your first month!

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Disclosure: A complimentary Bocandy Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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