Bocandy June 2015

9.7 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Variety: 10/10

Amazing Coca Cola Mentos | Milk Pocky | Hi-Chew sampler | Tasty wafers | Detailed description list | First exclusive item

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IMG_20150629_180335Bocandy selects different candies (and some savory snacks) from around the world and ships them to your home monthly.

The shipping box is slightly larger than a VHS tape shipper and features the large Bocandy sticker on the underside.

Bocandy’s May box included twig crackers, Dip Dab, Fruit Gummies, Japanese Kit Kats, Caramel Wafers & more.


IMG_20150629_180505Yokai Watch Pocky

From Japan are these Milk Pocky sticks made for the Yokai Watch game. Creamy milky coating around the usual Pocky pretzel sticks.



IMG_20150629_180617Troy Wafer

Simple but tasty Bulgarian wafer covered in chocolate.


IMG_20150629_180647Raspberry & Licorice Skulls

Bocandy’s first exclusive item is authentic Swedish raspberry and licorice skulls. The raspberry is sweet but the black licorice is salty. No that’s not a mistake, it’s supposed to be like that. Salty licorice is really popular in Sweden but I just can’t dig it.


IMG_20150629_180714Coca Cola Mentos

Coca-Cola flavored Mentos from Holland. With an awesome Cola taste it’s insane to think these aren’t regularly available in the United States. Definitely my favorite item in the box this month.



IMG_20150629_180600Hi-Chew Sampler

A sampler of the apple, grape & strawberry Japanese Hi-Chew candies. Gum-like consistency but entirely edible and very flavorful.






IMG_20150629_180741Tunnocks Chewy Caramel Wafers

These Scottish wafers were such a hit that Bocandy brought them back and this time included two! Caramel layered in between wafer and covered in chocolate.



IMG_20150629_180857Bocandy kicked it up a notch with this month’s box by adding their first exclusive item and including a well-detailed description list. The Caramels, Pocky and Wafers were good. The Coca Cola Mentos were fantastic. Wasn’t a big fan of the Swedish skulls but they are authentic. Overall it’s a solid month.

If you’d like to try different candies and treats from around the world, check out Bocandy.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Bocandy Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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