Bocandy May 2015

9.3 Overall Score
Quality: 9/10
Value: 9/10
Variety: 10/10

Tasty twig crackers | Delicious caramel-filled waffles | 3 UK treats, 3 Asian & 1 from the Netherlands


Subscription Box Bocandy

Theme “A Candy Subscription Box From Around the World

Price 4 months $56 | 6 months $78 | 8 months $96

Shipping FREE (US)


Bocandy selects different candies (and some savory snacks) from around the world and ships them to your home monthly.

The shipping box is slightly larger than a VHS tape shipper and features the large Bocandy sticker on the underside.

Bocandy’s April box included candies from Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Holland & France.


These wholegrain twig crackers from the UK had a surprisingly good taste. They remind me of the crackers you usually get in the Asian trail mix.



IMG_20150516_180941Dip Dab

It’s pretty much the British equivalent of Fun Dip. You get a lollipop that you dip into the sweet powder inside of the envelope.



IMG_20150516_181016Rowntrees Fruit Gums

Gummy fruit candies from the UK.


IMG_20150516_181037Kit Kat

Japanese Green Tea Kit Kats that almost taste like white chocolate.



Hard melon-flavored milkshake candies from the Phillipines.





IMG_20150516_181111Oreo Chocolate Bar

Unlike traditional oreos this Japanese bar is closer to a brownie in taste and texture.


IMG_20150516_181135Kanjers Stroopwafels

From the Netherlands is this delicious soft caramel in between two hard but thin waffles.


IMG_20150516_181422This month’s Bocandy featured an interesting mix of UK and Asian treats with 3 from each area (plus the Netherlands Waffles). Bocandy’s 3 month subscription is a pretty solid deal considering it’s only $14 a month with the shipping included.

If you want to try candies and snacks from around the world, check out Bocandy’s subscription box.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Bocandy Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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