Bravest Warriors #1

8.5 Overall Score
Art: 10/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 7/10

Great art and lots of potential.

More world-building is required.

Bravest Warriors #1
(W)Joey Comeau, (A)Mike Holmes
(C)Tyler Heese, Maris Wicks
KaBOOM! Comics

Bravest Warriors is a new comic about a group of teens called…well, the Bravest Warriors. Bravest Warriors was created by Pendleton Ward, the creator of one of my favorite shows, Adventure Time. The comic is based on the pre-existing web series. The idea and formatting of the book is unique and full of potential.  The futuristic setting and the idea of teenaged heroes-for-hire is entirely different and equally intriguing. I thought it was a fun, colorful, and very interesting book. However, the stories need a little bit more originality and a lot more world building. I felt like some the characters were too similar to Adventure Time characters. I was also left confused too many times throughout the stories. If the world is built more in the next book, this series could be on its way to becoming something great. I am assuming the book is written for the existing fan base of the web show, but if it could transition into something more introductory, the comic could cater to a larger audience in the comic book fandom and bring in more viewers to the show.

The characters were one of the best parts about the comic as a whole. The characters’ designs and personalities were diverse and appealing. The dialogue was funny, compelling, and refreshing. The dialogue varied from character to character in style. However, it was still too similar to the dialogue styles of Adventure Time, and could use a little more originality than randomness. I love the paralyzed horse and Chris, though. They were my favorite characters.

The art was exceptionally colorful. The art style and font changed for every new story and I enjoyed them all. I especially enjoyed the diversity in the characters’ designs. They were tall, short, thick, thin, light, dark, long-haired, or short-haired. Props to the artist. Ten out of ten. Overall I think the comic has tons of potential and could be used as an effective mechanism to bring in more viewers to the web show. I look forward to see it progress.



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