Brick Swag February 2015

8.7 Overall Score
Quality: 9/10
Value: 7/10
Variety: 10/10

Fun shirt that fits the theme perfectly | Awesome LEGO kit | LEGO-themed playing cards | Funky Figs trading cards | Nice interview in Brick Magazine | Nearly all contents of box are exclusive to Brick Swag


Subscription Box Brick Swag

Theme “Ultimate Gift for LEGO Fans!”

Price $27.00 / month

Shipping $7.00 US


From the folks at Brick Builders Club comes the Brick Swag Subscription Box. Each monthly Brick Swag membership box includes exclusive t-shirts, trading cards, parts packs, activities, building techniques & more.

Every month’s Brick Swag box has a specific sub-theme to it, with February being “Games” month. Like most subscription boxes, the box is roughly the size of a small shoe box.



Rock Paper Scissors T-Shirt

This fun shirts fits the month’s theme of “games” perfectly. It’s the LEGO rock, paper & scissors. Simple but effective.

Retail: $14.99 (Estimated)




Brick Builders Club Parts Pack

This part pack was created by the folks at The Brick Show Shop and is a LEGO arcade cabinet of Pac-Mon. An awesome kit and I had fun putting it together.

Retail: $7.99



Screen Cleaner

I’ve never used a screen cleaner before but considering how dirty mine is, maybe I should? Shaped like a 6×1 LEGO brick and features “#BrickSwag” on the side.

Retail: $3.99 (Estimated)




Brick Game Board

Cardboard LEGO-themed board that can be used for Chess or Checkers.

Retail: $2.99 (Estimated)





Brick Builders Club Playing Cards

LEGO-themed deck of playing cards with the Brick Builders Club logo on the back.

Retail: $4.99 (Estimated)



Funky Figs Trading Cards

Funky Figs are sort’ve a cross between Garbage Pail Kids and LEGO figures. My favorite card was “The Unknown Fig”, which I believe is a chase card.

Retail: $1.99 (Estimated)



Build Magazine

Small glossy magazine features the instructions to build the Arcade Machine along with some nice articles and a interview with a Master Builder.



IMG_20150310_012642Brick Builder Club’s February Brick Swag box is estimated to include over $36 worth of items. While it’s not a great value compared to some of the other boxes, the value is made up for in quality. Every item included except for the Pac-Mon kit is Exclusive to Brick Swag and stuck to the month’s theme of “games”.

If you’re not into LEGO, don’t get this box. But if you or someone is a big fan of LEGO, i’d recommend getting Brick Swag 100%.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Brick Swag Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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