Camp Snax 100 Calorie Snack Box

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Quality: 10/10
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High quality healthy snacks | Wide variety of snacks included | Everything is under 100 calories | Lentil chips are awesome


Subscription Box Camp Snax

Theme “Healthy Single-Serve Snacks”

Price $19.95

Shipping $7.49

IMG_20150323_135748What makes Camp Snax different from other healthy snack subscription boxes is that you can choose variety boxes in multiple sizes or build your own box from 85 options with your favorite single-serving size choices.

This box is their specialty taste box that includes 12 single-serving snacks that are all under 100 calories. It’s smaller than the shoe box sized boxes but still has some decent weight to it.


Pretzel Perfection Twice-Baked Pretzel SticksIMG_20150323_140426

Thin pretzel sticks covered in a Chipotle BBQ coating that has a nice bite to it without being too spicy.

Retail: $1.89


Enjoy Life Plentils Crunchy Lentil ChipsIMG_20150323_140407

I never knew lentil chips were even a thing but i’m glad I do now. These are light crispy chips with a nice pizza flavor.

Retail: $1.89


Peeled Snacks Original AppleIMG_20150323_140329

These crunchy apple clusters are a full serving of fruit.

Retail: $2.99


Somersaults Dutch Cocoa NuggetsIMG_20150323_140349

Grains and sunflower seed rolled into tiny clusters and covered in a light cocoa power. Delicious!

Retail: $1.39


Onebar CherryIMG_20150323_140303

A full serving of fruit in a low-sugar cherry bar.

Retail: $1.59


Nib Nor Daily Dose of Dark MintIMG_20150323_140241

Tasty dark chocolate with a hint of mint.

Retail: $1.39



That’s It Fruit BarIMG_20150323_140118

Two servings of fruit in one bar, in this case apple and pear. That’s also the only ingredients, apples and pears. Doesn’t get simpler than that!

Retail: $1.89


2 Degrees Chocolate Banana Mini Snack BarIMG_20150323_140101

This small bar is full of flavor with a combination of chocolate, banana & rice crisps & grains.

Retail: $1.39


Health Warrior Chia BarIMG_20150323_140013

Chia seeds mixed into berries to make this high Omega-3 bar.

Retail: $1.69


Mini Perfect Bar – Peanut ButterIMG_20150323_140536

High protein soft bar made from peanut butter mixed with honey and other whole foods.

Retail: $1.29


The Good Bean Roasted ChickpeasIMG_20150323_140513

Roasted chickpeas with a light sea salt coating.

Retail: $1.49



Just Strawberries ‘N BananasIMG_20150323_140446

Freeze-dried strawberries and bananas that are good as a snack or mixed into a salad.

Retail: $1.39




IMG_20150323_140824Camp Snax’s 100 Calorie Snack Box includes roughly $20 worth of healthy snacks, which is also the cost of the box. Its pricey but they do have free shipping on orders over $49 and discounts for subscriptions. This isn’t the kind of box you would get if you’re looking for savings but rather for a nice variety of high quality healthy snacks. It’s also nice knowing everything included is under 100 calories, something that’s not always easy when it comes to snack options.

While Camp Snax is popular with offices and and businesses, I think this would be a great box to take for a 2 or 3 day comic convention. If you’re looking for customized healthy snack box or want to create your own from a variety of choices, check out Camp Snax.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Camp Snax Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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