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m5WGqXmFAFi6uAI confess: I have an addiction. I’m in love with Sus Hi Eatstation.

I type this as I’m wearing my official Sus Hi Party Ninja shirt, coming off of my birthday where I received a giftcard to the namesake ninja restaurant and a commemoration pin. At the moment, my biggest struggle is deciding where to place the complementary Sus Hi sticker on my new car. Yesterday, I ate my first “Traditional Ninja” bowl on-site. Today, as I have for the past three weeks, I’ve cooked brown rice for lunch, tossed in some peanuts, and doused it with Sus Hi’s original Chanly Sauces.

Maybe it’s time for an intervention.

No? I’m far too amusing to be stopped, you say? How very kind of you.

How about a review of Sus Hi’s original Chanly Sauce, then?

My praise for the ninja capital of Orlando should come as no surprise. My first rice bowl was love at first bite, and since then I’ve returned time and again to get my Sus Hi fix. What I love most about Sus Hi, though, is its sauces—the variety, the flavor, the original blends: it’s stuff you can’t get just anywhere. And as fortune would have it, Sus Hi finally began selling its original Chanly Sauces to faithful ninja.

The flavor of a Sus Hi rice bowl in my home—when I want, how I want? Yes, please!

I snatched up three of Sus Hi’s most popular sauces and put them to the test:


7967d5_2092950047ac4ff79124aa92587117b0Sweet Soy

In theory, it tastes like Eel Sauce, or at the very least a blend between Eel and Soy. Its syrupy texture tastes almost as sweet as it looks—sugary, without the cavity-inducing rush. Without any eel extract, it can’t really be called “eel sauce” (Sus Hi has a separate sauce for that), but it holds up well as an imitation.

Be warned, its name is no misnomer: it’s sweetly addictive. In Sus Hi’s own words, “one drop and you might not stop!”

Perfect for: rice, sushi, broccoli, vegetables, chicken



“Creamy” is the most accurate word here. This stuff goes on thick, and tastes as much. The flavor is subtle, much like a mayonnaise, but Sus Hi’s white sauce tastes more herbal than that—a blend of paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and tomato paste. Think Alfredo sauce without the cheesy edge.

Easily the most versatile sauce of the bunch, it tastes great on everything from pasta to pizza.

Perfect for: rice, sushi, tacos, hamburgers, potatoes, pizza, sandwitches, chicken


7967d5_02b8974f841d4731aad911649febfad1Triple X

Sus Hi’s most original blend, Triple X lies somewhere between spicy mayo and sriracha sauce, with the liquid consistency of a soy blend. Starting out sweet and savory, the sauce lets out a sharp zing by its final taste—spicy, but not hot. It’s a blend that compromises Asian and Western flavors for something truly unique, and goes great on most any “American” foods.

Drizzled alongside white sauce, it creates the perfect creamy-spicy complement.

Perfect for: rice, sushi, tacos, hamburgers, potatoes, sandwiches, steak, beans


7967d5_3d21fbd1d8bd4179852a778421eab93cSpicy Mayo

Sus Hi also offers their Spicy Mayo sauce, which I’ve only tasted at the restaurant itself. Trust me, it’s good: similar to white sauce, but with a chipotle kick that’s not overbearing. It’s perfect alongside either white or sweet soy sauce, but may be a bit masked alongside the Triple X.

Sus Hi totes this sauce as perfect for “everyday and EVERYTHING enjoyment.” I’ll have to try it on french fries. It’s supposed to be killer.

Perfect for: rice sushi, hamburgers, burritos


Sus Hi’s sauces are originals—meaning that, even though some of them tote the names of popular cuisine dressings, they’re all Sus Hi’s personal blends. That also means that you can only get them at a Sus Hi location: good news for UCF students and the rest of Orlando; bad news for the rest of the world. But, hey, with news of Sus Hi’s secondary location upcoming in Altamonte Springs, there’s a good chance you could be seeing one in your stretch of neighborhood soon.

Whether you’re a loyal ninja of the Sus Hi brand, or have yet to step foot into the dojo (gasp! Who ARE you people?!), the original Chanly sauces are black-belt brands with the power to KO your appetite.

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