Chew: Chicken Warrior Poyo

8 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialoque: 8/10
Story: 8/10

It's an entire comic about a cybernetic super chicken who deminsion hops to fight evil.

I was really hoping the entire book would be done in the art style on the cover.



Chew: Chicken Warrior Poyo
(W)John Layman
(A)Rob Guillory
Image Comics

The popular Kung Fu chicken from Chew gets his own book, and it’s just as crazy fun as any book with a chicken for a hero that’s not written for children can be.

The art and writing should be familiar to any one who’s ever read Chew. Both are expert, and if I had to complain, I’d just say that the art style isn’t really my style. I like things either a little more cartoon or a little more realistic. But that’s very easy to overlook when the rest holds my attention so well.

The story is pure fun. It’s about a chicken, with biomechancial augmentation, who regularly saves the day from super villains. But the great thing is, he’s not anthropomorphized at all. He’s just a chicken, and he kicks ass. I love it!

This story doesn’t really have anything to do with Chew, so new readers shouldn’t be put off by that. It’s a great little fun story, and that’s it. You can read Warrior Chicken Poyo, have your fun and walk away, or you can choose to start the regular series, now that you have a favorite character to motivate it. It’s a very clever way to get people reading, without making existing fans pick up 32 other series out of fear they might miss something. That’s win-win for everyone.




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