Chung’s Vegetable Egg Rolls

9 Overall Score
Taste: 9/10
Price: 8/10
As a side dish: 10/10

Excellent as a side dish | Filling | Complementary sauce | Bold flavor

Best eaten same-day - reheating causes them to lose a bit of firmness

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Chung’s vegetable egg rolls aren’t some flaky, freezer-isle appetizer. They’re big, meaty, crispy mouthfuls of tangy, crunchy veggies. Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but here’s the bottom line: Chung’s is everything I want to taste in an egg roll.

A firm, crispy crust wraps the celery, cabbage, carrots, and onions within. Bite off an end or cut it up into thin slices to allow the juicy veggies to spill out. There’s nothing “raw”-tasting about the veggies either; they have a warm, thoroughly steamed texture to them; just enough crunch to be satisfying without being too distracting from the overall flavor.

Each box comes with four rolls and four packets of sweet and sour (or duck) sauce. At one packet per roll, the ratio holds up fine during dining. Sweet and sour sauce compliments the mild heat of the vegetables, but eating the rolls without it certainly doesn’t hurt either. Supplementing the rolls with other dipping sauces, I’ve personally found spicy mayo offers a thick, creamy heat that emphasizes the natural spice of the roll. White sauce is much less noticeable drizzled on the roll, but does grant it a subtler sweetness than its sweet-and-sour counterpart.

Once prepared, these rolls are hot. They come out steaming, and the thickness of the wrap naturally holds the heat within. I recommend cutting your roll in half to let it “air out” before taking a bite, unless you want a burned tongue in your immediate future.

If you’ve got a small stomach and want to save a few of the rolls for another meal, Chung’s heats up nicely. The rolls lose a bit of their natural firmness in the re-heating process, but not so much that they lose all structure and become mushy. Still, if you like that first-day crunch, you’ll want to avoid re-heating if at all possible.

Chung’s is my go-to brand for egg rolls. As a side to a tray of sushi, a bowl of udon, or a plate of fried rice, these vegetable egg rolls offer the right balance of flavor and filling. I usually can’t get through more than two of these egg rolls per setting due to their thick, satisfying texture, but that’s how they’re best enjoyed: in moderation. Use them to offset the flavor of another Japanese or Chinese dish and feel your taste buds reach a state of Zen.

chungs vegetable egg rolls review

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