8 Overall Score
Heroines: 10/10
Fight Scenes: 10/10
Conclusion: 4/10

Transformations and Fighting

Terrible conclusion


In this dystopia, the Claymore organization produces half-monster, half-female warriors who ensure the safety of civilians against the threat of yoma monsters. These female warriors are found at a young age, generally abandoned, and are taken within the organization to be genetically altered with the flesh of yoma monsters. These women then train to control the catastrophic powers invested within them, eventually reaching uncanny strength and speed.

The female warrior’s preternatural abilities and their altered appearances render human society speechless and terrified. With such an ominous presence, most humans are driven away from these Silver-eyed slayers, save for a few who see the humanity within these lonely hunters. The battles between Claymore women and their enemy, the Yoma, are suspenseful and cataclysmic, but tensions surge when conflict occurs between the Claymore organization and the female fighters.

This mysterious, action-packed adventure series will leave you on the edge of your seat. Only 26 episodes long, this dark series chronicles the first few manga volumes of the same name by mangaka Norihiro Yagi; I recommend the manga series, as Norihiro has written 21 volumes and counting, revealing devastating secrets and ulterior motives that will rattle your world.

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