Comic Block May 2015

10 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Variety: 10/10

Deadpool variant cover for Secret Wars | Variant cover for Image Comics Mythic | Awesome Comic Book Guy Simpsons shirt | Excellent quality, value & variety


Subscription Box Comic Block

Theme “The Comic Subscription Box”

Price $13.99 (1 Month) | $12.59 (3 Months) | $11.89 (6 Months) | $11.19 (12 Months)

Shipping $8.75 (Canada) | $9.50 (US) | $12.50 (Worldwide)

IMG_20150602_105734Comic Block is the newest of Nerd Block’s many subscription boxes (Classic, Horror, Arcade, Jr. Boys & Jr. Girls). Every month you will receive at least $30 in value including 3 comics (or graphic novels), an exclusive t-shirt and an additional comic-themed collectible. Considering the quality of their other boxes, I have high hopes for Comic Block.

Comic Block arrived in a wide but flat box with their logo and printing all over the entire box. Graphic novels and comics fit perfecty in the box so it’s nice for storage.


IMG_20150602_110435DC Comics Convergence: Action Comics #1

STARRING HEROES FROM CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS! Superman teams up with Power Girl, but can they stop a nuclear strike by Lex Luthor and Stalin of Red Son Moscow?

Brand new-Action Comics spinoff from the current Convergence event.




IMG_20150602_110242Image Comics Mythic #1

Science is a lie, an opiate for the masses. The truth is, magic makes the world go ’round. And when magic breaks, MYTHIC fixes it. Apache shaman Waterson, Greek immortal Cassandra, and cell phone salesman Nate Jayadarma are the crack field team assigned with keeping the gears of the supernatural world turning, and more importantly, keeping you from ever knowing about it.

Variant cover for Mythic, a brand-new series from Phil Hester and John McCrea.


IMG_20150602_110206Marvel Comics Secret Wars #1


A variant cover featuring Deadpool for the first issue of Marvel’s current major event, Secret Wars.




IMG_20150602_110059Art Print

I’m not familiar with the artist but this is a high quality art print featuring Batman.








Awesome pop-art style shirt featuring the “Comic Book Guy” from the Simpsons. It also includes a coupon for ShirtPunch.







IMG_20150602_110818While this may be the very first Comic Block, Nerd Block is no rookie when it putting together awesome subscription boxes. With three brand new comic books (two of which are variant covers), a high quality art print and a awesome Comic Book Guy T-Shirt it’s one of the most impressive box debut’s ever.

If you’re a fan of comics, you need to get Nerd Block’s Comic Block.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Comic Block Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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