Croak #3

9 Overall Score
Art: 9/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 10/10

Interesting Art Style | Writing | Character Depth

Lack of Sound Effects

Croak #3

Writer: Cody Andrew Sousa

Artist: Francesco Iaquinta

Colors: Chris O’Halloran

Letters: Dezi Sienty

Alterna Comics


 A heart-racing entry in this five issue horror series, Croak #3 continues the dark story about a doomed group of hikers that get lost in the deep parts of the forest. One of the hikers somehow separated from the group, is being chased by some unknown entity through the pitch black woods. The creature is photosensitive and is repulsed by the flash of a camera that the hiker picks up. The hiker finds a farmhouse dimly lit by the pale moonlight and desperately shouts for help. Will she be able to escape the creature of the forest?

Croak #3 does a good job at continuing the story from the previous entries. The colors and art style fit the theme of the story and the reader feels as though they are right there in the gritty, dark forest. The emotion and monologue of the hiker is very well written and adds important character depth. The issue ends on a cliffhanger and left me longing for the next part of the story! This issue is definitely an action-oriented sequence as there is less dialogue than I had anticipated. The arrangement of scenes is smooth and easy to understand. A great read for horror/thriller fans!


Croak #3 Cover Art


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