Cyberforce Artifacts #0

8 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 8/10

This is exactly how a comic should start!

The stories do suffer somewhat from lack of context.

Cyberforce: Artifacts #0
Story: Camilla Zhang, Kelly Bender, Paul Penna
Art: Francesca Aureli, Jim Towe
Cover: Khoi Pham
Image Comics

CYBERFORCE: ARTIFACTS #0 delves deep inside the secret world of CyberForce with three stories. “Someone is dealing in Protocol tech, and it’s up to APHRODITE IV to stop them dead.” “Velocity mourns the supposed death of her father, Stryker, the only way a super speedster can.” …and more!

Cyberforce Artifacts #0 is a collection of three shorts written by the winners of Top Cow’s annual talent search. Each story deals with some less than epic events in the characters lives, so as to give these new writers total control without effecting the greater canon of the series. So what we have here is a fun look at things we may never have seen happen to the characters otherwise, and a great way to build excitement for a returning series, AND a way to test out some new comic talent. Available now for under four bucks, it’s a trifecta of wins for Top Cow fans, or any one interested in becoming one.

The art is handled by the usual pros, so you’ll find the expertise you’re used to with the Top Cow brand. And while one of the stories stands out as a favorite in my mind, the art of all three of them is something special. Top Cow has a certain flare in their books, and this is no exception. Colorful, detailed, just slightly “cartoony”, and action packed – it is probably my favorite style in all the industry.

And for being written by relative newcomers, all the stories are well done and interesting. Whether it’s an assassination gone awry or dealing with the loss of a loved one, the topics may be short and sweet but they are full of emotion and excitement. I can’t wait to see what these folks can do with a full 24 pages, and I hope each one of them gets the chance soon.

Being an issue 0, a lot of people may pass this up, and I think that would be a terrible mistake. Unless you’ve just never heard of these characters or don’t care about up and coming comics talent, there’s really no drawback to this book. Three solid stories for a few bucks, lots of action and adventures, and a look at what three new writers are capable of. Pick this one up now, and maybe if everything goes right, you’ll be able to say you knew them way back when!




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