Dark Souls #2

7 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialogue: 7/10
Story: 6/10

Another pretty cover.

Even less story!

Dark Souls #2
Written by George Mann
Art by Alan Quah
Titan Comics

With her past becoming hazier by the day, Fira’s quest to bring an end to the Undead Curse leads her deep into the gnarled heart of the Weeping Forest, domain of the fearful Everlord, where rotting nightmare creatures skulk in the darkness.

After finishing with Dark Souls #1, I may have been unimpressed, but at least I was left with a little hope that the first issue just wanted to jump into the action and impress people with its artwork. Now that I’ve finished issue #2 and it falls just as flat, there’s almost no chance I would bother with more.

The characters continue to roam from fight to fight, talking about little else than their next kill, and doing nothing walking and killing. What little chance there was for some background story or narrative detective work is instead solved by a magical ceremony, removing any need for actual story telling. Again, while a flashing arrow pointing to the next stage may do the job in a video game, it’s poor story telling in a comic.

At least a few panels have actual backgrounds in this issue. There’s as little back story as possible at the start of this issue, and that story has actual locations and recognizable architecture. Sadly though, this same back story was covered in issue #1 and wasn’t given nearly this much attention when we first saw it. By now it just feels like afterthought to fill the book, a story we already know retold in slightly greater detail.

I really can’t see any reason to buy this unless you’re either in love with the game or the cover. Even fans of the series aren’t going to find much value here though, as there is just no story to read. Magicman says to kill this guy for this thing, because. Kill guy. Get thing. Next. I just saved you four bucks.



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