DC Collectibles New 52 Parademon

7.5 Overall Score
Packaging: 8/10
Sculpt/Paint: 8/10
Articulation: 7/10

Great sculpt and painting | Articulation is better than the other figures in the line

No Accessories

DC Collectibles has finally revealed their first super villain to take on the Justice League, and sorry folks, he’s a minor leaguer…the Parademon is next up to bat. While Darkseid is next up, DC Collectibles has decided to start with an “army builder” before they get into the main baddie. Rest assured, I’m not going to be the one to pick up 10 of these (one is definitely enough) but there is going to be someone out there who has two or more of this figure. I’m bad enough doing that with my 3.75″ figures, I’ll be damned if I have room or the funding to buy more of these 7″+ bad boys.

parademonMy first memory of the Parademon is when they used to be red and looked more like disco monkeys from outer space back in the “Super Powers” cartoon days in the eighties. They have since evolved with Jim Lee’s help into the deadly, green creatures that we know and love today. DC Collectibles is the first out the gate with them. Is it a worthy enough collectible?


0_Parademon03If you have read my other reviews, you already know that I enjoy the packaging for this line, making these figures enjoyable to all types of collectors.

The packaging features a green color design, no doubt to match the Parademon’s complexion. The right side of the box features a silhouette of the creature, and we get our first pseudo-surprise: Batman is not lurking in the background! What we do have is a taller silhouette of a more menacing villain. Don’t let me ruin the surprise for you. Okay, it’s Darkseid. There, I said it.

The left side of the box features the prototype production shot of the figure. We also get our second surprise from this series: this figure was NOT sculpted by the same sculpter! Instead of Jack Mathews who has done an exceptional job on our heroes from this series, this figure was sculpted by Joseph Menna. A quick Google search for Joseph Menna reveals his personal website which features an impressive array of sculpting skill. From Darth Maul to Marvel’s Mephisto, I am officially impressed. I like the fact that DC Collectibles is including the sculptors names because it makes me go out and find more information and bodies of work a sculptor has done.

0_Parademon04 0_Parademon05 0_Parademon06Finally, the back of the packaging features a quick bio-blurb of the figure along with a headshot. Like The Flash, we get a preview shot of the next two figures in the line, Wonder Woman and Cyborg (NOTE: I have WW and Cyborg in hand and will be reviewing them soon!)

Score: 8.0/10


0_Parademon07The sculpting on this figure is insane! I love the amount of detail that was put into the sculpting of this figure. I love the feeling of depth found on this figure. The armor looks like armor and we can tell by the exposed portions of the Parademon on his arms and abdomen. The forearm armor is massive. Cords jut out everywhere from the armor. This figure even has a little fin going down the back of its spine. The teeth, claws and talons all look like they can rip their opponents to shreds. There are also battle dents located everywhere throughout the armor. This Parademon has definitely seen its share of battles.

0_Parademon08The painting is also impressive. The satin gold finish of the armor plays well off of the Parademon’s green, scaly skin. Red and gray is also used to highlight portions of the Parademon’s armor and goggles (eyes?).

Score: 8.0/10


0_Parademon09I’m pretty much split on the articulation of this figure. This figure has over 17+ points of articulation, which is not bad considering all of the other figures in this line so far have topped off at around 13 points. So far, this makes him the most articulated in the line and he gets points just for that.

The other thing is that this figure is about an inch taller than the rest. I don’t really know why that should give him more articulation, but it does. So the real question is Joseph Menna just a better sculptor than Jack Mathews? He has been able to add another 4 points of articulation to this figure.

Even though this figure makes it to about 17, I’m still under the notion that a premium figure should have 20 points or more of articulation. This one is almost there, but not quite. (Note: this figure has shoulder armor that rotates slightly. I did not include this in my count)

Score: 7.0/10


I still don’t know why DC Collectibles does not do accessories anymore for the majority of their figures. You know some of the Parademons did not leave Apokolips without some type of weapon. While they have the raw strength, they should also have a battle staff or rifle of some type. Oh well…

Score: 0/10


Final Thoughts…
0_Parademon10If you’re an army builder, than make sure you go out and buy at least 5 of these things…they’ll look great in a display. The good thing about these figures is that they will even go well with the Mattel figures when they come out (NOTE: they have come out and I have the first series in hand! reviews later…).

Even though this thing has some extra size to it, DC Collectibles has seen fit to charge the same price as the rest. Unlike the Darkseid figure which is almost 3 to 4 times the cost…yes, I know he’s a giant, but is really worth the cost? I mean, I’ll get one because I’m a completist sometimes, but damn, it’s hard parting with that type of cash.

Either way, DC Collectibles has a winner with this figure.

The DC Collectibles New 52 Parademon is available now at most online toy retailers and in Local Comic Book shops in your area.

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