DC Collectibles New 52 Wonder Woman

DC Collectibles New 52 Wonder Woman
7 Overall Score
Packaging: 7/10
Sculpt/Paint: 9/10
Articulation: 5/10

Beautiful sculpt and paint

Limited articulation | Sparse on the accessories


DC Collectibles New 52 Wonder WomanI remember watching Linda Carter as Wonder Woman during primetime back in the day (yes, I’m that old…) and wondering where exactly she came from (Paradise Island), what were her powers (blocking bullets, slow motion jumping, able to change clothes while spinning), and why she did the way she did.

I don’t know if the years have sufficiently answered that, but after reading the first eight issues of her comic book and the Justice League comic book in the New 52 universe, I’m starting to have a better idea. Along with the New 52 universe, we get a new look at an old favorite, and DC Collectibles is first to immortalize our heroine as an action figure.

We have three more figures to go before we finish our Justice League, so let’s take a look at the New 52 Wonder Woman.

0WW-02We’ve seen the box design before, so nothing new here. On the front we get a picture window with Wonder Woman (seemingly stuck at looking down, but I’ll get to that in the sculpt section). Wonder Woman’s color is apparently steel blue to perhaps match with her boots.

On the right side we get a silhouette of Wonder Woman along with the other two-thirds of the big three: Superman and  Bat-Stalker…err, I mean Batman. To date, Batman has managed to make it into almost every silhouette of the New 52 crew. It’s easy to explain now, but I want to know when we get new New 52 figures that are not Justice League, how Batman is going to explain his presence in these silhouettes.

Continuing on, the left side features the production prototype of the figure as well as the name of the sculptor, Jack Mathews, who has now done most of the line so far and will most likely be the one who sculpts the final two (Superman and Cyborg) and beyond that as well.

0WW-030WW-040WW-05The back has a headshot of Wonder Woman as well as a headshot of the next two figures.

To note, I know the packaging will be similar to previous and future offerings. Unless they do a drastic change, they will never get above a 7.0/10.

Score: 7.0/10


0WW-06I always get a kick when the original prototype sculpt matches the final product. I think it’s because I don’t feel cheated like if something was left off the final product.

With that said, I am really impressed with the detail of this sculpt. We get Wonder Woman in her new costume, which is a different spin of her original, but similar enough to not feel like she’s someone different. I believe the original design called for her to have her legs covered…which caused sort of an outcry in the comic book world. I didn’t care, but in hindsight, I’m glad they kept this look for her.

Everything is sculpted in great detail – the costume, the boots, the bracelets, the tiara, the hair, the Amazonian muscle definition, and yes, even the boob cleavage gratuitously popping out of the top of the costume.

The paint is done in pretty good detail. One thing I noticed here and I’m not sure I ever noticed in the comic book or not, but her hair has blue highlights that add greatly to the sculpt. Everything else is painted almost to perfection with exceptions including the star on her choker and even her fingernail polish on her thumb which are both slightly askewed. All in all, a great job all around.

Score: 9.0/10


0WW-07Again, DC Collectibles has seemingly kept the accessories sparse. We do get an Amazonian sword, but her golden lasso on her waist is a sculpted piece of plastic that is permanently attached to her hip. This perhaps looks the best overall, but we have seen Wonder Woman figures in the past with working lasso’s.  But something is better than nothing.

This only solidifies the fact that these “action” figures are more for display. I’m going to coin a new term the more I review these figures. Maybe “inaction” figures or “display” figures…

Score: 6.0/10




With only 13 points of articulation, we already know this one is going to the shelf. We do find a couple of articulation issues with her head. One, Wonder Woman is unable to turn her head because of her sculpted hair. It can move slightly to the right and slightly to the left, but not enough to make much of a difference. Two, her hair also permanently makes the figure look like it is looking down. It wasn’t until I arched the figure’s back that I was able to get it to look straight forward.

While the sculpting is impressive, this is a huge design flaw that hampers greatly with posing the figure.

Sculpt: 5.0/10


Final Thoughts…
We are almost done with putting together our Justice League display. While these figures are great for display purposes, I actually can’t wait to review Mattel’s offerings…which I have in hand. After I finish my review of Cyborg and Superman, we’ll take a look at The Savage Hawkman as our first Mattel review.

The DC Collectibles New 52 Wonder Woman figure is available now at most online toy retailers and in Local Comic Book shops in your area.

Final Score: 7.0/10


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