DC Collectibles Series 01 New 52 Green Lantern

DC Collectibles New 52 Green Lantern
6.5 Overall Score
Packaging: 9/10
Sculpt/Paint: 7/10
Articulation: 5/10

Good Sculpt and Paint Application

Limited articulation | No accessories (no Green Lantern?) | Ring on finger is just a green circle and does not look like a lantern ring

DC Collectibles New 52 Green Lantern
Green Lantern is the next figure in DC Collectibles New 52 collection.  I often wondered why he was next in line to come out for this series.  It seems lately there has been some Green Lantern overkill done in plastic form.  The Green Lantern has had a lackluster movie toy line done by Mattel.  Mattel also had a Green Lantern series of 6″ figures in their DC Universe Classics line.  And there was also a slew of Green Lantern figures from DC Direct on the Darkest Night/Brightest Day storyline that still sit on local comic book store shelves today.

So why would we need a new Green Lantern figure? His ‘New 52’ costume of course.  Like Batman before him, a DC Comics reboot comes with a Jim Lee designed update of a classic favorite.  With a love it or leave it movie, three Green Lantern related comic books (four counting the Red Lanterns) and a pretty popular animated series on Cartoon Network, Hal Jordan finds a way to stay in the spotlight.

Green Lantern Package FrontPackaging
DC Collectibles has this new standardized packaging which is more of a box instead of a card back.  I’m a supporter of this style…it’s good for the Mint-in-Box collector or those who like to free their action figure from its plastic prison.

With this second figure, DC Collectibles reveals how it would like to distinguish the packaging for each of their figures…by color. Where Batman’s packaging was done in shades of grey, Green Lantern’s packaging is done up in shades of – you guessed it – green.  With this motif, we can expect Aquaman’s packaging to have shades of orange, Flash’s packaging to have shades of red, etc.

On the right of the package, we have a green silhouette, which I have determined I will from now on call it the ‘iPod shot’. We also see Batman lurking in the background (as he should be). On the left side, we see the sculpted prototype used for the packaging shots. It is good to know that the prototype is almost a one-to-one match with the final figure.

Green Lantern Back of PackageGreen Lantern Right Side of PackageGreen Lantern Left Side of Package

On the back, we again see that minimalistic design that I mentioned on the Batman packaging. There’s the Green Lantern head shot along with a little bio-blurb. Under the ‘Coming Soon’ section, we see a headshot of the Flash and one of Darkseid’s Parademons, both coming in ‘August 2012’ (don’t believe them, it was September). We again see the group shot of the members of the Justice League. What’s good about this shot is that we know that the prototypes exist, but we have to wait half a year before we have the opportunity to collect them all.

Score: 9/10


Green Lantern Close UpAnother exceptional job done by sculptor, Jack Mathews. Mr. Mathews has captured the basic essence of this new, modified Green Lantern as designed by Jim Lee. The mask is sculpted onto the figure instead of painted on. The hair is spot on. The lantern symbol slightly protrudes off of the figures chest. This is a slight update to the classic Green Lantern look.

The paint on this figure is also very well done. The satin finish on the green portions of this figure’s costume prominently stand out against the matte black on his arms and legs. The white gloves finishes off the look.

Green Lantern BackThere are a couple of small disappointments with the design of this figure. For one, the ring on his finger is just a little circle on his hand. With the level of detail that this premium figure is supposed to give us, I feel slighted by the lack of detail on a key feature, the ring that gives him his power. Also, in the comic book, I felt that Green Lantern’s new look was more of an armored type instead of the sprayed-on tights look, but this figure does not portray that well. We get some sculpting on the shoulder area that might make it feel that way, but other than that, this figure can almost be used in place of classic DC Green Lantern as well. I don’t think we get enough of the “New 52” feel with this one.

Score: 7/10


Green Lantern ArticulationArticulation
Nothing spectacular with the articulation. Like Batman, this figure has the most basic articulation with only 13+ points. We should just come to expect that this series will just be a series of slightly articulated statues that will live on our shelves for display purposes only.

The one thing I would have like is some kind of wrist or forearm articulation that would allow the Green Lantern to point his lantern ring a little better. The bicep swivel helps some, but you don’t get that same level as other figures.

Score: 5/10


Again like Batman, no accessories. I feel slighted that we don’t even get a Green Lantern with the Green Lantern figure. We are paying premium pricing nowadays and getting less for our money which seems to be the going trend in our economy today.

Score: 0/10 


Final Thoughts…
New 52 Green Lantern and BatmanI really like this new line, but good sculpting and paint application can only take it so far. Like my other figures, these figures will find a place on my shelf for display, but will do little else but sit there. There is no “action” posing with this line, so like the picture on the back of the box, the Justice League will sit on my shelf. We know that their Mattel cousins will be along soon enough and while the sculpting is not on the same level, it will have a more action feel to it. I’m still excited for this line despite some of the downfalls.

The New 52 Green Lantern Figure is available now at most online toy retailers and in Local Comic Book shops in your area.

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