6.67 Overall Score
Art: 7/10
Dialogue: 6/10
Story: 7/10

A very basic plotline, easy to get in to this title if you haven't read the original series, worth reading.

Not a whole lot of action.

(W)Josh Howard, (A)Josh Howard
Image Comics

Once again, like a herpes outbreak, I’m back, and itchier than ever, with a new “Both Barrels Comic Book Review!” This time, I’m tackling DEAD@17: BLASPHEMY THRONE #1, a further installment in Josh Howard’s DEAD@17 series. Now, I have not been a reader of this particular series before, so coming in new this late, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to properly assess this issue.

However, Mr. Howard, the author and artist of this book, assuming, I guess, that no one read the original story when it was put out by Viper Comics (before being ported over to Image), saw fit to make the first half of the story an expositional flashback, making things much easier.

The art is western-style anime, the type that we have come to see more and more in recent years. Less delicately angled, and more computer generated in-your-face lines and coloring. Not bad, but nothing that will be shifting any paradigms either. The inking, if we can even still call it that in the world of computer grown art, is fairly well done, even to the point where minor background items are shaded and made part of the whole.

The storyline (for just this one book, as I have not read the others) seems fairly basic; girl is alive with girl problems, then dies and is resurrected with dead-girl problems, and is made part of the secret Zodiac dead people’s something to fight against the evils of something else (research showed it was a White Queen and other dead stuff).

Since this is a boarder book, connecting the events of the last series to the beginning of this new one, you don’t generally expect there to be much in the way of action or intrigue; and in this case, that’s about right. Clearly, something major just happened, and something else major is about to happen. Overall, it was a good read, and I expect that fans of the series will get something much greater out of it than I did. Solid effort, worth the price on the cover.




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