Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0 – Black Widow

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So the one Avenger who is not really an Avenger, but for in the movies and the animated series, Black Widow. Honestly Black Widow should have never been brought in to The Avengers, when I think of Black Widow, I think of her as a solo act, or with Daredevil, but never an Avenger, and to me the Ultimates don’t count, that’s the worst thing Marvel ever did.

Black Widow is most likely the last character I cared about using in Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0, unfortunately for me she is the best character to use out of the three that come in the Starter Set, which are Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor. She doesn’t have her poison darts, but she does have dueling S.H.I.E.L.D. pistols which auto target on all the bad guys, and are pretty much rapid fire. That’s right, Black Widow has what Iron Man should have had, auto targeting.

Black Widow is quick, acrobatic, and need I say fun to play. Her power pool includes the following:

1. Widow’s Sting
2. Double Trouble
3. Widow’s Veil
4. Jumping Spider

These are the first few powers that the Black Widow starts off with. Widow’s Sting is a capsule shot from the Black Widow’s wrist band that shocks a bad guy, you can eventually upgrade it to shock up to around four bad guys. The is in place of the poison darts that the Black Widow uses in the original comic books.

Double Trouble is two dueling pistols given to the Black Widow by S.H.I.E.L.D. I think it’s mentioned in game that Nick Fury gave them to her. Really good weapons, auto targeting, never miss a bad guy.

Widow’s Veil is a fun stealth power which renders the Black Widow invisible, once the power is on, it looks like something out of the movie Predator, and Black Widow also can do critical damage when attacking in the mode, I think it usually lasts maybe thirty seconds.

Jumping Spider let’s the Black Widow move faster, and jump higher, it’s basically a double jump without pressing the jump button twice. Sort of like a long jump, also good to use later when the Black Widow power pool is open and you can get powers such as the Black Widow kick which has lot’s of knock back against bad guys.

Black Widow is good against any enemy. She is hard for them to hit, and always moving quickly. She is probably the funnest character to play out of the original three. If you have picked up the Starter Set then I suggest that you skip Iron Man and Thor, and just concentrate on upgrading Black Widow.

Take your time, beat the game with her, then use Iron Man and Thor. I know this sounds so backwards, well unless your a fan of the Black Widow, but it’s the truth. She really overpowered and will get the job done against the biggest of the bad guys.




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