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Iron Man is a fun character to use.

Slow, clumsy movement, no auto targeting for the most tech powered human hero in the Marvel Universe.

When I first started playing Skylanders I thought it would be a cool idea if someone came out with the same sort of game idea but with comic book characters. Then BOOM! It happened, the announcement for Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0

If you don’t know about Skylanders or Disney Infinity, they are video games which use action figures that play within the game via a portal. Each figure has a tiny hard drive built in to it which databases  all levels, power pools, sparks, etc..

Obviously it would be much cheaper if Activision and Disney would have just made a typical game which already had the characters programmed into it, just like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Vs. Capcom, but I think the idea from the get go was to get toy collectors in to the game as well. I mean, if they didn’t actually play the game they could still buy some cool looking figures, right?

I always thought that these games should be like the ones I mentioned above, and that Activision and Disney could just set up DLC for introducing new characters in to the game, but that will never happen. I keep mentioning Activision because they own the Skylanders property, if you didn’t already know.

But this review isn’t about Skylanders, I was just doing a comparison of similarities of the two games, so let’s get to the review at hand. Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0 Iron Man. Besides the Hulk and Thor, Iron Man was a figure that I really looked forward to using, unfortunately Iron Man isn’t that good of a character in play, he looks cool, says some cool lines, but he is slow, and clumsy, although in flight he is real fun to use, and very fast.

It seems that all of the Disney Marvel Infinity 2.0 characters have the same sort of power pool, with the only changes being that the power pool is tweaked to the character you choose meaning that Iron Man has a Unibeam where Thor doesn’t, and so on.

Iron Man has the following powers:

1. Repulsor Ray Attack
2. Repulsor Blossom Attack
3. Unibeam
4. Flight
5. Super Strength
6. Missile Barrage

Iron Man starts off with flight and a one handed Repulsor Ray, as you level up you eventually get a double handed Repulsor Ray attack. Most of the ranged characters work in this manner. I maxed out Iron Man, he is capped, level 20 with all the good stuff, so why is he still such a weak character? You’d think that Disney/Marvel Comics golden avenger would be the poster child for this game, but he isn’t.

The one thing that the ultimate Marvel Comics tech character needs, that if you have ever read an Iron Man comic book, or seen the movies, or cartoons is an automated targeting system, seriously. What is Iron Man without automatic targeting? Sure you can hold a button and it will place a cross hair on the screen for you to move on your own and make an attack, but this is Iron Man, I mean this would be one of the first things Tony Stark would program, even if he was piss drunk and laid out across his desk.

Tony Stark has the best human tech in the Marvel Universe, plenty of money, and intelligence, but he for sure isn’t Hawkeye. Iron Man needs automatic targeting, it just doesn’t make sense that he wouldn’t. Although I do like using Iron Man, this is the worst thing about using this character, even though Iron Man can be slow, get himself clumsily knocked out of the air or off of his feet, he is still fun to use.

Other gripes that I have with Iron Man are weak Repulsar Rays, yes you can upgrade them and make them more powerful, but still, he is pretty weak. If you pick up the Disney’s Marvel Infinity Starter Set, Iron Man comes pre-packaged in the set along with Black Widow and Thor. The game is fun, and everyone has his or her preference of character. This is just my opinion, in the long run, the game is fun, and depending how much of a fanboy/fangirl you may be the price at $15 per figure and $75 for the starter set, could be a good or bad thing. Check it out and decide for yourself.

Iron Man is a nice looking figure with no articulation that would look good on the shelf of any comic book fan, whether you actually play Disney’s Marvel Infinity or not, and $15 is about the average cost of an action figure that you’d find on a peg at Toys R Us, or any other department store.

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