Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0 – Thor

5.7 Overall Score
Articulation: 1/10
Paint: 7/10
Sculpt: 9/10

Thor is powerful and can barrel through the bad guys.

Slow, a few powers that need charging before use.

Thor. I love way too many comic book superheroes, I always liked The Mighty Thor, but this isn’t Marvel Comics “Mighty Thor” this figure is based on the “Thor” and “The Avengers” movie franchises, none the less, it’s still a version of Thor, so let’s just deal with it.

Thor is the second character that I was really looking forward to playing in Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0, I must say Thor is no joke, he’s got power, more than Iron Man, anyway. Thor is a real brawler, pummeling bad guys with Mjolnir, he has some pretty okay attacks and defenses.

Thor’s powers include.

1. Heavy Hammer
2. Mjolnir Lightning Charge
3. Lightning Strike
4. Flight

Those are the powers Thor starts off with. The power pool for Thor contains many more abilities. One of Thor’s coolest powers is to throw Mjolnir at a line of bad guys, and have it knock them down in a line, and as they begin to stand up Mjolnir comes right back and knocks them all back down again, usually either defeating the enemies or doing critical damage and then ending up back in Thor’s hand.

Thor is fun to use, but is very slow in battle, and some of his moves need charging and so while in charge mode, he can be attacked and have to begin the charge all over again. Other than that small throwback, Thor is powerful in close combat and ranged all according to how you use Mjolnir.

Once Thor is capped out at level 20, and if you have chosen the right abilities from his power pool. Thor can be amazingly brutal. Thor is available in the Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0 Starter Set, and is now also available in a bubble pack. If you’re playing DMI 2.0, Thor is one you should pick up for sure, oh and before I forget, using Thor in flight is fun as heck! One of the best parts of this character.




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