Disunity #1

7.5 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 7/10

It's good to see modern pop culture lasts another 300 years.

Borrows fairly heavily from a lot of other stories.

Disunity #1
(W)Ron Batchelor, Rem Fields (A)Ron Batchelor
Blotch Comics

Disunity is the story of a scientist who tried to save Earth, only to wind up making things worse than ever. It’s set in a slick future world where a multitude of worlds come crashing together to create one big nightmare for everyone. It’s a little stereotypical at times, but overall, it’s easy to enjoy, and quite a good read.

The story here is nice and solid, even if it does borrow things a little too often for my tastes. I feel it must lose a few points for that, but it doesn’t really stop you from enjoying the comic once you’ve worked past it. It may even make it a bit better if you’re a big fan of something it borrows from. The dialog does sound a little wooden, but in the same way that old school, bad ass Clint Eastwood would deliver the lines, so even if that’s not intentional, it still adds a bit of atmosphere to the story.

The art fits the worlds nicely, and is very close to being excellent. As it is, I feel that things are a bit too bright and colorful for such a dark, terrible world, almost like someone forget to add the last gritty layer. Aside from that and a few minor complaints about the details in auxiliary characters, I liked it all, especially the main character.

Disunity may not be the most original work I’ve ever seen, but it takes some good pieces from a few different works and it creates a solid, fun whole. I’d recommend it to any one who needs a little more futuristic sci-fi/horror in their life, or to any one just looking for a decent book to pick up this week.

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