‘Doctor Strange’: A Great Origin Story And Launching Point To All Things Multiverse

8.5 Overall Score
Visual Effects: 10/10
Performance: 10/10
Storytelling: 7/10

Great acting by stand out performers with light and deadpan humor.

Was lackluster as it was just an origin story that was a little too expedient.

‘Doctor Strange’ is an Origin Story and launching point into the Marvel Multiverse.

Doctor Strange did very well globally at $87.7 million, according to Deadline, set IMAX records, and bedazzled audiences with its visual effects. Those who went to see it in IMAX 3D got immersed into the dealings of the multiverse and the tools by which Doctor Strange, The Ancient One, Baron Mordo, and other sorcerers who manipulated the environment with their cunning.

The Doctor Strange movie was interesting at best, with great visuals unique to that of the usual MCU. It was full of interesting Easter eggs referencing back to the old comic book run which made things fun for the movie viewer that would be in-tuned for those kinds of things, but most greatly it was an origin story of a neurosurgeon turned Sorcerer Supreme. His aptitude of being a quick study in either profession be it mystical or medical was amusing as Stephen Strange still insisted to keep the “Doctor” title.

The current technology for filming was able to deliver a marked marvel of color, twisting buildings remnant to Inception, and a kaleidoscopic of eye-fillers. The effects even delved into the Dark Dimension of Dormammu which was key to the climax of the movie and the utilization of the Time/Infinity Stone.

There had been contrarian reviews on the flick and I thought was good at best, but not excellent. I found it more interesting and intriguing as I had studied the basic motive of the movie which was to usher the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the Marvel multiverse. The reason I say this is because the Mad Titan Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet, should he acquire all the stones, would have the ability to manipulate time and the multiverse as portrayed in the comics.

Doctor Strange himself would probably be more apt to understand this artifact and the Sorcerers Supreme’s knowledge of said relics of old may be something of an Achilles Heel of Thanos. This is just a theory of course, but it was reported that Doctor Strange will partake in Avengers: Infinity War.

Perhaps the final scene in Doctor Strange is just a taste of the kind of duel to expect between the Marvel superheroes and the Mad Titan himself?

To me the movie was fun, but I saw it being a fascinating stepping stone into something bigger. I did feel they moved a little too quickly with Doctor Strange’s learning of the craft, however it was qualified by his Earthly scholastic abilities. I felt those at the Kathmandu temple that were keeping books and texts away from his learning process a bit contrarian to the flow of the film.

I suppose it allowed for the excuse of Strange to use his powers, wittingly, to outsmart Wong when swiping library books. These shenanigan allowed for the added humor we all know and love in Marvel movies.

Over all, I give it a B+, as Benedict Cumberbatch did well in his part as a convincing actor, the humor was great as Wong’s deadpan demeanor sprung into laughter only after the climactic event against Dormammu, and Mads Mikkelsen did very well as Kaecilius.

I admire Tilda Swinton’s performance as The Ancient One which I found quite enamoring as they led her to believe she knew more about Strange and the world around her just at a glance and Rachel McAdams played convincingly the role of a highly supportive girlfriend, Christine Palmer, to Strange.

I do advise to go out and see Doctor Strange which is now showing in theaters.




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