Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1

8 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialogue: 7/10
Story: 9/10

A solid story that sets things up perfectly for what is to come; it was a fun light read.

The Doctor could have been written better.

“Revolutions of Terror”

Nick Abadzis, Elena Casagrande, Arianna Florean

Titan Comics


Most people who know me, know that I do enjoy good licensed comics – Micronauts and Star Wars are some of the first books I remember reading as kid. Also I got into collecting comics with Marvel’s Doctor Who series … so it really is no surprise that I picked up the new Doctor Who books from Titan (released last Wednesday July 23rd) at Past Present Future Comics in West Palm Beach, FL. For those that don’t know, Titan Comics acquired the Doctor Who license from BCC (it previously was with IDW) and launched not one, but two series. One book features the 10th Doctor with the second featuring the 11th – and if that wasn’t enough, they are also launching a third series featuring the 12th Doctor later in the year … but I would much rather they launched one featuring the fourth … but that’s just me.

As a big fan of the 10th Doctor I jumped right into the book featuring him, the story is by Nick Abadzis who has written Doctor Who before in the UK for the Doctor Who magazine. Abadzis set this tale sometime after the end of the 4 season (or the 30th series if you are counting it that way) and before “The Day of the Doctor” as is explained in the “previously” passage in the intro. This story is called “Revolutions of Terror” and takes place in New York City – Brooklyn to be precise. We follow a Hispanic family who owns a Mexican restaurant and though they are not played as stereotypes they are a little too into the Day of the Dead, so much so that the city councilor is counting on them being apart of the festivities. Naturally there are strange things going on and soon demons start showing up. Well lucky for everyone the Doctor is here with what appears to be the device he uses in “The Day of the Doctor” … only he has yet to add the bell.

Not much really happens in this issue outside of a deep study of this Hispanic family and the relationship each member has with the other, facts that I assume will pay off later. The Doctor doesn’t really interact with the plot much until the final page and that’s okay … except for the fact that he isn’t played all that well in the story. He makes a few silly Doctor-ish comments that really don’t fit and seem pretty much transposed from the TV show. This issue sets up the family nicely and plays it heavy with the whole Day of the Dead concept … only it didn’t feel like a Doctor Who story until the end … but I am still hopeful for the next issue and the series as a whole.

The artist – Elena Casagrande who has drawn the Doctor before for IDW does a great job here with the monsters and the Hispanic family … however outside of the last panel, her Doctor is far from being “spot-on”. That being said I feel that she is much closer than I have seen in other comics. The cover by Alice X. Zhang was spectacular, I know there were other “variant” covers for this book – but this one really captures the look and feel of the 10th Doctor’s run.

All in all I don’t have too many complaints about the book and I expect it to only get better as time goes by. I am adding it to my pull list and look forward to reading the other Doctor Who titles form Titan.

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